1. Can't use my phone, the phone part, directly when I get a call! 2. Telemarketers/Robocalls



I have a MotoG plus Android vs. 7.0
Plan: I never pay more than $25 a month for talk, text, data. So, whatever that is.

  1. Sometime in mid to late summer, I couldn’t just answer my phone anymore. If I was already using my phone for texting or emailing, I had to back out of all open apps, back back back. Then click on the phone icon, click on “return to call in progress”, that finally takes me to the call and I can choose to answer it or not. If I’m NOT on my phone already, I push the power button, key in my security code, click on the phone icon, click on return to call in progress, that takes me to the call and I can choose to answer

  2. Many months ago I found an answer to a question but can’t find it now. I had to go into the phone to find the “secondary” number, and was able to disable something so that I had a lot fewer spam calls. I can’t find that answer again on the help lists. More importantly, I’m sick of it. Yes I have call blocking, but I get 5-8 new calls a day. So, I’ll be investigating plans that may cost more, but don’t have all these spam calls and voicemails when I figure it out. I love RW except for this issue.



For item 1
Take a look at your
Settings -> Apps -> Phone -> Notifications
And make sure you don’t have any restrictions over there on the Notifications…that may prevent it from overlaying the incoming call notification.



@maryluc.6h9mml Are you still having issues answering your phone?




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