$10 and $15 plans Elsewhere

I see that Boost Mobile and T-Mobile are both offering the $10 - $15 plans that give 2 gigs of data. Wondering if RW will follow suit?


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Hi @amyb9,

As I’m confident you know, Republic tends not to pre-announce what it may or may not do in the future. If and when Republic has something to say regarding plan pricing, it would, of course, be announced here in Community.

Generally, I prefer not to discuss details of others’ plan pricing here, however, I would note the lesser expensive plans at Boost are for new customers only (two of which require a trip to the store). T-Mobile’s offering also comes with a long list of terms. That doesn’t necessarily make either a bad deal, however, the offerings really aren’t something easily compared on an apples-to apples basis.

For me, there are other value considerations that go beyond price. Among other things, Republic is unique in offering Extend Home. And, frankly, customer service is important to me. I’ve done business with T-Mobile prepaid. I love their network but hate their customer service. As for Boost, it’s now owned by DISH. Though I’ve never had the “pleasure” of doing business with DISH, their reputation for customer service is shall we say less than stellar.


I can appreciate that Roland. Thanks.

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