10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Monthly Expenses


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If you’re a Republic Wireless member or considering making the move to Republic Wireless, chances are high that you are the type of person who regularly makes smart financial decisions – or that you, at the very least, aspire to make smart financial decisions. You may have read our recent profile of JL Collins, who recommends setting aside fifty percent of your income each month to save for long term financial independence. That fifty percent number, however, can be incredibly intimidating for anyone – even more so for the 53% of Americans who say they feel overwhelmed by financial burdens1.…



Cord cutting… well not exactly…(we kept the internet) but getting rid of TV portion of cable as well as the phone service bundled with it…was the single most significant change we implemented in the past 12 months. In addition to the money savings we are spending more quality time together as a family.

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@amitl I love it! Extra family time is a wonderful side benefit to saving money! What are you doing (or will you do) with your savings?



Savings are equally divided among the family to do as we please with our share.

Some of savings were rolled back into online alternatives for TV/On-demand programming. We got Hulu plus to watch some of the shows that we were recording from Live TV.



Your Sling TV pricing is misleading. You quoted the new customer 3 month pricing after that it goes back to normal pricing. It is normally $25 per month for either Sling Orange or Sling Blue and $40 per month for both.



Thank you very much, @hscarpo, for bringing that to our attention! I will correct that in the post. Thanks for looking out for everyone else’s wallets!



Actually, the credit card fee calculation is a bit more complicated than presented here.

There are many, many cards out there with no annual fee and a 1-2% cashback reward. If you spent $12,000 a year on that card, a 1% reward would be $120, 2% would be $240. If you compared that to a card with an annual fee of $195, that fee-required card would have to return you $195 + $120 (or $240) in cash before you break even against the free card – so $315 or $435.

I’d also recommend thinking long and hard about a card with rewards of points for airlines/hotels instead of cash. These usually come with lots of restrictions. If you do a lot of flying, use the airlines’ points programs instead. Collect the cash back by paying for the ticket with your card.



@darkseas This is all great advice! Thank you for sharing.



The best way to receive over the air tv signals here in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a rooftop antenna pointed at Sandia Peak. I get nearly 60 crystal clear channels that serve our indigenous state populations much quicker than cable or satellite. And I can only watch one channel at a time. A great big thank you to PBS for providing television that educates and serves All of We The People.


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