100% data used while on Wifi


I was sitting at home and got the 75% data usage notification so I promptly connected to the home Wifi. I even watched the phone make the connection, I was on Wifi. It was 6:34pm. At 6:57 I got a warning that only 10% of my data was remaining. 7:28 5%. 7:34 I had used all 100% of my data. I was on Wifi this entire time.

I checked my data usage and the graphic showed an enormous spike today. I’m perplexed as to why it appeared to be eating into my data while on wifi though…


What app ate your data? Keep in mind our data reporting in our app can have a lag. What does the Android Usage setting say and what does the Republic App usage say?


If there is a lag that would make sense.


I’m having a similiar problem and the app that I was using was a security camera app that was on my phone before I signed up for .5 GB of additional usage for when I am away from home. However, I was only at home then I got a warning that I was using too much data, I checked and it used 184 GB of WiFi from that removed app. I removed it because it was using up my data that was suppose to be for when I am not on my home WiFi. How did it eat up almost all my data when it should have used my home WiFi because I was at home?

Also, how can I get back to using just my WiFi data from home on the cell phone and not have it use my .5 GB that is suppose to be when I am away from home?


Have no way of telling. We do not capture app data use. Only your phone does that. Need a lot more data to be sure. open a ticket and our reps would have to remotely log into the phone and hope to see something. It is pretty hard to figure out though. Sounds like a bad app.


I removed the app and am returning that security system. I ordered a new security system and hopefully that app will work correctly. I’ll evaluate that one and see what happens when I get it, it has good reviews… Thanks.