12 Days of Christmas

I played the game and won a mug.
And it’s not a namby-pamby 8 oz. one either. It’s an actual real honest to goodness 12 oz. ceramic coffee mug with a handwritten “thank you” note and a couple of cool RW stickers.


I played and won too!

@southpaw went above and beyond and included a personalized note and stickers! @southpaw is awesome! I can’t wait to use the mug.


Shoot. I didn’t get any tea. But that’s ok. I don’t drink much tea. When I do, it’s cold, sweet and at the diner.

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Hi @stepheng.8qqxgt,

Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel short-changed! @theresar specifically mentioned tea (in all caps, even) as her reason the mug would be better than ladies dancing:

Since I’m also a tea drinker I tucked a couple of bags of my current favorite hot tea into her mug before I shipped it.

You mentioned coffee in your very succinct reply:

Since I don’t drink coffee and wouldn’t know a good coffee from a lousy coffee, I didn’t have a “favorite” to include.

Thank you both for sharing your photos!


It’s all good. I was just joking.

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I won a trip to Taco Bell! There are only 3 in VT, so I’ll have to plan my trip. Southpaw included a lovely thank you note and stickers for me as well. Too cool

I didn’t know about the game.

Hi @robertm.71psds,

You never know what crazy thing we might be doing in Community! Sorry you missed out on this one!

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