13 spam calls in a day-average less than that in a week - what happened?

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Subject says it all. I was spam attacked today by 13+ calls as same number call multiple times. I don’t get that many in a week. What happened? Does this have to do with the owner change, a change in under-laying sprint number (I know sprint is gone but the number came from them), or what? Seems to be extremely unusual behavior.

Thanks for any insights. – jim

Sounds like the spammers auto dialer was having a problem and just looped to calling your number a bunch of times. I doubt it’s any more than that.

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Don’t think so as calls started again this morning once do not disturb went off. I’ve had 4 spam calls one 2x within the last 45 minutes. Any other ideas?

We’ve made no changes since our acquisition to push spam calls on our members.

Has there been some action on your account recently, like the activation of a new phone, that might have triggered a change to the cellular routing number? If you think this number is particularly noisy, you can ask our Help Team to change it, but these things tend to come in spurts, so if this just suddenly began today, it will very likely calm down in a day or so.

Do you have any of the spam call-blocking settings enabled in the Republic app?

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This has just been the past 2 days and no new phone or anything done in republic or phone settings in over a week when updated prl’s. The under-laying sprint # calls are now only about 1 or 2 a month-it was horrible years ago, so don’t want to roll the dice on a new number. The republic spam filter is on and all these calls are greyed out as suspected spam. Numbers that call more than 3x I am blocking now. Also using google to screen calls and that seems to be preventing a second or third call.

It is just some very weird and unwanted behavior that just happened. Thanks – jim

The spam persists so I checked my unlaying sprint number and it has changed. Last I checked the sprint # was Feb 2019 and was a 972 area. Now its a 214 area. Still in the Dallas, Texas area. I was able to get the phone owners name with a free look up search. This suggests to me that this was a recent change since someone is still listed at the number.

This is my 4th sprint #, that I know of.

How recently did this number change?

If recently that is the problem with all the spam? Could someone plz explain what is happening? Very annoying. – jim

Hi @blackdog,

Republic has always said one should not use one’s underlying cellular routing number precisely because it can and does change without warning. If you believe the recent increase in spam is the result of your phone’s cellular routing number, you would need to open a ticket with support.

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Thanks rolandh – I’m not using that # for anything. Just trouble shooting and the trouble could be that republic recently changed that number and therefore I’m getting spam from a very active recently retired number.

I just want to know did that number change recently and is that the cause of all the new spam I am getting. I have been getting over 15 spam calls a day now for over 2 weeks. Why did my quite spam life change to an overactive one?

I’ll do a ticket but the solution is to give me a new number with no guarantees that it will be spam free. I’ll pay more to be spam free. Can’t tell you how annoying and disruptive this is.

I understood that but wanted to point out the reason Republic says not to use the cellular routing number for others reading. I should have been more specific.

These questions are best answered by someone with account access. You might check call history when signed into your Republic account here: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless. Do you see evidence of the spam calls there? If not, the source probably is the cellular routing number.

I’m afraid a spam free number is a rarity whether one is talking about a public facing number or a Republic secondary routing number.

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Thanks again rolandh!

I’m already getting calls and making them into tomorrow, the 21st and it is still the 20th. I am hoping that this is gmt time but it really messes up matching the phone times to the log that is created from the web site? This also looks to cover texts. I’ve downloaded the excel files for November and will look at this later.

A quick scan seems to tell me that a 10 minute call has 10 one minute entries. So data to go through is large. Glad most of my business is done via zoom cause I’d have thousands of entries if they are done by the minute. Thanks again – jim

The spam calls have totally stopped. Not a one today. Fingers crossed that it continues.

Rolandh this link, View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless after logging in takes me to a page the shows the republic arc animation and the words fetching calls and messages but it is stuck in a loop and no data is produced.

If I stop the process and go to phones, upper left, then the “I want to …” banner at bottom of page and select view calls and messages I get the history that is exportable as an excel file.

A quick scan of the last 2 or 3 days shows me the spam on the phone is listed in the call log. But can’t tell which # it is coming in from. All but a few calls are over the wifi network and that makes sense given how we connect.

The odd data is that the phone is making calls, 10+ minutes, to people in my address book that I did not talk to. No one else uses my phone. Have you heard of this before? Should I put in a service ticket as it looks like there are more of these?

Thanks – jim

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