14-Day Refund Policy


I ordered my Moto 4 for $99 + shipping, on Mon, 11/20/17 & recd it Wed 11/22 via UPS at 7pm.
Paid another $50 bucks for service then I set up, ready to go but couldn’t answer calls, txt or figure out settings. No worries…I had tried, fully aware I may have to return phone under their return guarantee policy. Used to iphone’s, and all was diff-in a bad way. To much disappointment, retd phone to original pkging never to imagine I wouldn’t obtain return authorization next day. Lack of ability to get assistance via email, chat or call…has cast your company in the worst light. Brutally honest, right? I find no evidence of integrity, ethical standards or best biz practices within RW company structure. All u had to do was make HELP webpages assessable as per ur statements throughout website. Not our idea of customer 1st, customer respect & Cust service here in Alabama. Esp when “service & courtesy” is what keeps us in biz, brings repeat & referral customers. Lucky I’ve never experienced this before.

Disputing charges for a return

These links may help you. Relatively easy process to return the phone if desired. Good luck.


I’ll sure try them. Much appreciation for your help!

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Additionally, anytime you have a question or an issue for which you need help with the Republic Wireless service or your phone, there are several knowledgeable, helpful people who frequent this forum to field these question and issues.


Hi @tamaram.okzo91,

We’d be glad to help in any way as far as getting you used to the your phone, which may be a Moto E4. We’ll also be glad to help you with the return process, if that is what you prefer.

I have alerted our customer service team to the fact that your ticket is still awaiting a response. I apologize that it went unanswered. The urgency of your situation was not recognized due to the process that was involved in opening the ticket.

Now that @williamo.vkbg0s has pointed you to the help documents on returning the phone, please let us know if there is anything further we can do to help. Switching from an iPhone to an Android phone can be a confusing transition.

I do apologize sincerely that your ticket was overlooked. If you’d like to try again with the new phone, except this time with some help, we will do our very best to earn your trust.


Cannot get to ANY of their “Help” pages…if you’re inquiring abt a phone return (that 14-day guarantee!)


What happens when you try to go the Help page here:

I did give you an alternate way to open a help ticket in your other conversation here:

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