14 Day Return Policy



When does the 14 day return policy begin and end?

I purchased a Moto G6 on June 20, 2018.
Phone activated on June 27th.
Phone delivered to me on June 29th.

I sought to return phone on July 8th, but RW website stated I have no phone eligible for return.

I created a ticket #1427761, on July 9th
On July 10th, I received a follow up communication that July 9th was the last day I could return this phone and requesting I return this phone a sap. And received web links as to how to proceed with this return. I tried, but RW website indicated I had no equipment eligible for return.

On this same day, I texted RW back explaining what had happened. I received further guidance that I completed. Still website indicated no equipment eligible for return.

I texted again stating my experience and findings. I received a follow up text stating that I should expect an email that would include return address information. I have yet to receive this email with return address label.

I texted RW again this morning asking for help. RW response, you have no equipment eligible for return.

So I start this process over again.

Beware of RW’s return policy. I have not found it easy to complete.



Hi @darrellm.8rooda,

I’ve asked staff (which I am not) to take another look at your ticket. For what it’s worth, you’ve posted your concern to Republic’s Community forums where members (Republic calls customers members) do their best to help other members. Some of us (Ambassadors and Experts) have been granted the courtesy of direct communication with staff for circumstances that warrant it.

I’m confident Republic will get this sorted.


Thank you Rolandh. D


One question, can you tell me when the 14 day clock starts for returns? The day it’s ordered, activated or when I received the phone. It seems it should be upon receipt. This was my thinking. Thanks again. D



Republic Wireless offers a money back guarantee on all of our products purchased through Republic Wireless as long as the product is returned undamaged, in its original packaging and Republic is contacted within 14 days of delivery of the product (initial shipping is non-refundable).

I will not I don’t understand how a phone can be activated before delivery
the clock should start when the phone is delivered to the address on the shipping order


Hi @darrellm.8rooda,

My understanding is the clock starts ticking as of the day your order hits your doorstep (the day it’s delivered). By my math 14 days from June 29th is July 13th. As you opened a ticket on July 9th, it appears you’re within the 14-day return period. As we cannot know circumstances specific to your account (and for the sake of your privacy please don’t share further details with us), sorting the issue requires staff do so. I’m confident ultimately they’ll get it right.


We agree on delivery date. Thanks for the advice. Appreciated. D


Is it possible that you created a Republic Wireless account when you ordered the phone, and then another separate account when you activated the phone? It would still be a situation that would have to be fixed by support, but it may explain why you’re seeing no equipment eligible for return.


I am trying to return my new defective phone but my account shows it expired 08/05/17 yet I just received the phone last week and it has been confirmed defective…sigh…help?


Might 8/5/17 have been the original return date for your S7? Generally, when a phone is swapped out as I believe Republic did in this instance, a new 14-day return window does not result. In any event circumstances outside the typical usually require one to open a ticket for resolution. If the ticket that resulted in the swap of the G5 Plus for the S7 remains open, I suggest replying there.


I replied to the open ticket but nothing since last week still … this phone was proven defective and Motorola said to return it for a replacement…I cant even return the samsung until I get a actualy working phone :frowning:


Regrettably, these aren’t things that can be sorted in the Community. When you say nothing since last week, are you saying Republic was made aware the G5 Plus was defective last week? Have you replied since completing the factory reset referenced in your thread here: Moto g5s+ Randomly rebooted multiple times, which (and correct me if I’m wrong) appears to have been done yesterday.


I have a ticket and thread…both are kept up to date on the issue as well as Motorola…


I’m simply presenting the possibility staff was waiting for the results of the factory reset, which if I’m understanding correctly did not occur last week. I’m confident now that staff is aware of those results, they will respond appropriately.


Yes but they still never got back to me on any part of the ticket. But I need to wait to know what to do as Motorola said I can send back, pay a deposit and fee for a refurbished phone (which is not what I just paid for) or send back to RW for a working new phone, which I hope this one wasn’t a refurbished one…