$15 Plan and Phone Question

I’m currently using the Mogo G 1st gen phone for the last 6 years and I’m on the $10 plan. Somehow the battery still lasts all day even though it’s been charged over 1,000 times.

Lately, the phone’s screen has become unresponsive at times so I have to turn it off and back on to use the screen. I am looking to upgrade to the Moto G8 Power phone, does this phone have an option to install up to a 512mb memory card? Every review says yes but the Republic website does not mention anything regarding installation of memory card so I’m not sure if the version RP sells has that feature.

My other question is do you think the $15 plan will go way anytime soon and be replaced by a $20 plan?

When the $10 plan went to $15 did anyone receive a notice or did they roll it out without notifying anyone?

Also, can app developers please stop making their apps larger and larger in size with each update?

It’s getting serious, folks, apps that were once 20MB are now 50MB and then 100+MB. Is there a reason for this?

Republic has not made any indications that a plan change is planned or in the works.

Republic sent many many notices and it has now been nearly 4 years since the change was made.

Likely because the apps are getting more sophisticated, with more functionality, screens are higher resolution so images in the apps are too, etc

Note that the phone that is compatible with Republic and officially release in the US is called only the Moto G Power. Weirdly the G8 Power is a different phone available outside the US and incompatible with Republic. That said, the G Power does have a microSD card slot and can accommodate cards up to 512GB.


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