1MB cell data used when on wifi


I found 2 locked threads about something like this…

My cycle renewed yesterday, the 25th.
I have been on wifi since. Not on LTE.

The R.W app reports 1MB used of cell data since yesterday.
Google Backup Transport 20%
Key Chain 19%
Android OS 10%

I do have the Data Saver option on.
Pixel XL 8.1

Attached are screen shots of the R.W app and the Android system data usage pages.
Any idea what these are? Haven’t seen these before, but if its doing 1MB a day, that 30MB a month eaten by some background process that should be using wifi.

Edit: I noticed that in the settings for “Google Play Services” the Unrestricted data use option was enabled. I have disabled that. So now that will no longer be exempt from the Data Saver toggle. See if that helps. I am not sure if I should disable Background Data option too.


You do know that 1MB Is 0.01 GB?
Or to put it another way 1GB = 1000MB.
The data plan is sold in 1GB increments.


Yes. Not talking about the plan size increments
Talking about cell data being used in the background when on wifi.
Searching the web, many folks have seen this, but it ranges from super small amount like 1MB, or sometimes upwards of 300MB.


Sorry, just thought you were confused and referring to the posts that complained about using up their monthly 1GB allotment in one day or less while on wifi.

I’m still very new to RW. I typically use 3MB a day going about my usual routines. Works, shopping, etc. On and off wifi. I assumed that was typical usage.