1st gen moto G transfer to new phone

I broke the recharging port in my Moto G 1st gen. How can I transfer everything including setup to a new phone?

Has the battery died since you broke the charging port? If so, you are out of luck in some respects. If not, how this works out depends on which model you replace it with. In a nutshell:

If you replace it with a used, legacy model like the Moto G and if the battery is still up then you can use the Migrate app.

If you replace it with a new phone you will not be able to use the Migrate app but there are other apps in the play store you can use if the battery is still up.

If the battery is dead all is not lost because when you log into your Google account it should restore these things to your new phone:



and, depending on how you had your photos app configure on your G1:

Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find

When you activate your new phone as a replacement for your broken phone the number will transfer and the broken phone will be deactivated:

Activate My Phone

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