2.0 vs 3.0 and wifi calling

My Moto E1 drops incoming calls on wifi on a couple of networks that I connect to frequently. Is their anything in the way 3.0 works that would possibly prevent this from occurring?

Wi-Fi works the same on all plans, as it is unaffected by the cellular side of the equation. Wi-Fi is more about by the hardware in the phone and the particular Wi-Fi network you are connecting to.

If you can provide additional details about your Wi-Fi experience, perhaps some us can help you troubleshoot the problem.

I’ve worked with RW support and our IT dept. on this before with no resolution but maybe someone with have some new input.

The problem is when I receive an incoming call on wifi the call drops when I answer it. If the caller calls me back I can answer it without issue. Outgoing calls haven’t been a problem. This scenario has been tested with the phone in airplane mode with wifi on.

No ports are blocked according to the network admins.

Are you asking if upgrading to a 3.0 phone and the My Choice plan would help?

Good question if so. Obviously it is rather odd that the call backs can be answered and you have no issues with outgoing calls… Generally your E1 should work as advertised but it is an older phone and the 3.0 RW app works in some slightly different ways.

See from your replies to another topic Support may have already been involved and it’s an ongoing issue. Assume you’ve tried the typically recommended steps of cache clearing, reboot in Safe mode, uninstall RW app updates and other recommendations.

If this is occurring on a regular basis you may want to consider ordering a new phone from RW and see if it resolves your issue during the 14 day return period.


I’ve tried all the recommended steps and multiple phones back when I had several lines with RW. I would try a 3.0 phone if there’s a chance it would work.

My main phone is not with RW anymore but I recently activated a 2.0 phone for someone to test drive and I thought I would revisit the issue.

Is this a problem you have seen on more than one E1 on the same networks? Is it a current problem/issue for a RW phone you have or use? Thanks.


The same problem occurred on 2 E1s, an E2 and a G1. It is currently happening with an E1 that has been upgraded to Lollipop.

If the problem is only on a couple of specific networks, then I would assume that the specific router and or security at that particular place would be where the problem would be.
Republic uses the same VoIP/SIP architecture across their phones, hower some routers have SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway) enabled, and the majority of VoIP recommend it be disabled. (Normal indication of a SIP ALG caused failure has been: one way audio, no audio, call connects then immediately drops, call drops after a short period of working)

  • The upgrading to a 3.0 phone would very likely make no difference

I’m sure it’s an issue with the network I’m connected to but I don’t understand why after the initial call fails the person can call me right back it works every time.

Outgoing calls have always worked.

When they call back are the calls coming in on WiFi? (and was this also with the phone in airplane mode with wifi on.)

The calls are coming back on WiFi. I tested this with the phone in airplane mode to be absolutely sure.

Still sounds like could be in the Enterprise security layer of possibly a different manifestation of SIP ALG, either of which would require some serious effort to identify/fix.
Sorry I can’t provide a better response

Thanks for your input.

There’s likely nothing that can be done to fix this issue.

Well I upgraded to a Moto e4 and incoming calls no longer fail on the troublesome WiFi network. I tested in airplane mode and while connected to the cell network and WiFi together. The 2.0 phones that I tried all failed exactly the same way but the e4 has not so far.

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Strange, but glad your new phone is working. Who is your ISP and which router are you using?

This problem was at work so I’m not really sure.

Got it, probably a firewall update or some other IT action :smile:

I’ve had WiFi call issues on every phone I’ve had until the Moto X4 (Defy XT, Moto E1, and Ascend 5w). The Moto X4 is flawless in this category.

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