2 factor app deleted - used to login to my account

I accidently deleted google authy app on my phone. I used it to login to my republic wireless account. Now, I can’t login to my account. How do I get to my account now?

You can reinstall the app from the Google Play Store:

I use Authy. as it has secure cloud backup and sync so you can install on Pc or another phone and have it restore your 2FA accounts to the app.

Also, while I have not enabled 2FA on my Republic Account, all the other sites i use 2FA on, when u setup 2FA, give you one time use Backup Codes that allow you to login in case you can not use 2FA. Save that page or print it out and store you backup codes in a secure location, like a safe.

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How do you restore access to a Republic Wireless account if it is 2 factor enabled and you accidently delete the google authenticator app?

By re-installing the app. It should auto load back the saved accounts.
If not, then I do not know of a way to enable access to an account if you can not use 2FA anymore, that is the point of 2FA, to be more secure.

You can try Opening a Ticket and see if Republic Support can reset your account.
But I am not sure if if you need to log into you account again with 2FA to do that.

I reinstalled the app, but it didn’t reload the saved accounts. Now, when I login to my Republic account, it asks for my 2 factor code, but I can’t give it one since it wasn’t loaded back into the app. I have a help ticket in, but so far I’m still locked out.

Hi @davidd.mnx1u0,

I see our agents are working through some possibilities with you in your ticket. The team that can remove the two-factor auth works regular business hours, so if that turns out to be the only way to get you back into your account, it will not be able to be done before Monday.

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I hope this is not a dumb question but here goes…

Are you locked out of your Google account? Or are you locked out of your RW account?

If you’re only locked out of your RW account due to the above described situation, then you should be able to (Using your PC/mac), log into your Google account via the browser and re-setup the 2 factor authentication.

No, it’s a good question. I’m locked out of my RW account. I was able to get back into my Google account since I used a physical key instead of the Google authenticator to get into my Google account. The problem is with getting back into my RW account. It’s setup with 2 factor using the Google authenticator, but the RW entry didn’t load back in to the Google authenticator app when I reinstalled it on my phone. RW doesn’t give you any back up codes for getting back into a locked out account.

  • David

You’ll need to wait for support to handle your ticket on Monday as advised by Southpaw. In the future you might consider using Authy instead of Google Authenticator which allows for backups of your tokens for use on another device.

I understand… well rats!
It seems you are on the correct path ( RW ticket and the help of the fab southpaw! ) to resolve this.
The only piece of advice I can leave (cuz I found out the hard way!) is to take a screen shot, picture, snip… of the IRQ code every time you create one of these authentications and save it somewhere safe (as said by SpeedingCheetah). You can use it again when needed in a situation like this!

Good point

  • David

When I have reset my phone and re add the google authentication app, I have used the snips of the IRQ’s to recreate the codes being created. It’s worked for me.

Just to add a bit more:
When I scan that snipped code and recreate the rotating numbers on the app on my phone… those numbers match on a tablet also with Google authentication running.

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johns.1k5o1y is correct. I myslef, saved a screen shot of the the QR code made to setup each of my accounts. Just open the the image and u can scan the QR code in a app to add that account to the app. Also, some QR code reader apps can display the actual secret code that the QR is, that number can be used to manually input the account into Authy as well.

I also keep the page of Backup codes generated for each account along with the QR codes, saved to a flash drive i keep in my fire safe.

A question though, @ avidd.mnx1u0 if you are locked out of your RW account, how are u able to log into this Community Forum?

I do see the option for 2FA enable for logging into here. Is there separate 2FA for RW account and RW Community account?

Edit: Answered my own question. No. Enabling 2FA on my account Portal results in having to login to this Community Forum with 2FA.

Edit 2: Ok. Now I do not see a option to disable 2FA. How do I now disable 2FA?

Edit 3: Figured it how. Apparently there is no button or option the Account Portal to do Disable. The link is hidden the this support article:

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I logged in to this community forum and started a different thread trying to solve a problem I had with not being able to text when not on WiFi. Part of the troubleshooting someone had me try was to delete my apps one-by-one to try and fix the text over cell issue I was having since it seemed to be connected to a misbehaving app (didn’t turn out to be the case :frowning:) . I didn’t log out of my account prior to deleting the google authenticator app from my phone that I use to log in to my RW account. Since I never logged out of this forum, I guess it still retained my credentials. My RW account on the other hand wasn’t logged into at the time.

I have looked over old threads for help, and my brain hurts!
I moved from Moto G1 to Moto G6.
I have 2FA for a site (just one) and created 2FA from the Moto G1.
How can I get the 2FA to the G6? The G6 keeps asking me to scan barcode, so I may have to recreate the 2FA.
From what I can understand, I delete 2FA on the G1 (delete Google Authenticator and G! from Google security), and create one on the G6. My question is, what will the site see? Is this the correct method?

Hi @jartero13

If I’m understanding you, yes the method is ok except I would not remove the authenticator on the G1 until you got the authentication app going for the site you want on the G6 first. Then you should be ok to remove it from the G1.
(I would also keep a snippet of the QR code as I have posted above for later use like this)

I’m not sure what you mean by “What will the site see”

Forget the question. I just want to know how to get the 2FA on my G6 :):grinning:.
How would I get the authentication app going on my G6 since I did not create it on the G6, therefore, I don’t have a QR code?

I have the Google authenticator on my G6, and when I ported over using at least 2 apps, it did not port over the authentication for the site (or my chat messages).

Bottom line, can I start all over from the G6? If so, how do I delete my G1 stuff?

You need to install the app and add in your accounts the same way you did the first time on the old phone.
If you do not have the QR code, you will need to log into the accounts, and get it again.
The process for this will vary based on account/service. You may have to cancel 2FA in the account, then enable it again, inorder to get a new QR code.

I highly recommend using Authy (instead of Google Authenticator) and enabling the Backup/Sync feature as this allows you to restore your 2FA accounts to the app if you get a new phone etc. Authy also has a PC (computer) version of its software.

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Thanks, the fire has passed, so I will go with Authy.

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