2 Issues : 1 Old & 1 New


What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
The issues is on a Moto X Pure
I have talk and text with 1 gb

Issue Description

(1) Whenver I am on any site get a pop-up that say "You Net Nanny app has closed . Close it or try again ?
(2) My newest pop-up says "Rpublic Wireless : Voice Calls Only . Something may be blocking access to the Republic Wireless network . Calls over cell only . No access to cell data , messages , or voicemails "


Have you tried using another web browser? I’m not familiar with your app but it could be causing your web issues. Since a recent update, trouble with app shutting down

Another member mentions the new popup in a recent thread. Are you seeing similar RW app notifications and losing web access? Moto Z Play internet connection blocked Thanks.



I have seen this message too, for less than one second after waking up the phone and after just over an hour after it has gone to sleep, and only after the 3.18… (latest) RW app update…

it will go away and back to connected to wifi, like I said less than a second after waking up the phone…

  • Have you tried running with Net Nanny disabled?
    • Asking because the Google Play indicates they do SSL FILTERING and Filter HTTPS sites and I know that Republic utilizes Port 443

Having same problem on my Moto X pure for the past month. While everything seems to be working (text, calls, etc.) when it happens, I don’t like seeing this message. Calls have been dropping since I switched from CDMA to GSM: I’m going to ask to switch back to CDMA and see if that helps with both problems.

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