2 lines on 1 phone

I would like to have a phone with my personal line and my business line. I am tired o having 2 phones. There seem to be a number of ways of doing this but I am wondering what is best on a Republic plan.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @jamesm.0z5ard,

There’s no way to have two Republic numbers on a single phone. There are app based services you might consider. Google Voice is one possibility but though mostly free might not be the best choice for a business number.

I use and like Sideline. If looking for more bells and whistles, Dialpad is worth looking into.


What about a GSM phone with 2 SIM card slots? Motorola One has 2 slots. I am not very tech savey so bear with me.

Hi @jamesm.0z5ard,

Republic does not support Motorola One series phones. Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service requires one of the carrier agnostic factory unlocked phones listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. You’ll want to be certain the phone you wish to bring is an exact model number (and in some cases build number match) for those listed.

There are two phones on that list with dual physical SIM slots. Those are the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 6T. With the help of a couple other Community members, early experimentation suggests only one of the two SIM slots may be active at a given time.

Google’s Pixel 3a, 3a XL, 4, 4a and 4XL offer dual SIM dual standby (meaning both SIMs may be simultaneously active), however, the second SIM is an embedded or eSIM. eSIMs work just like physical SIMs, however, eSIM support is limited in terms of service providers. Generally, in the U.S. only AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Google Fi offer eSIM support. Republic does not offer eSIM support, so Republic service must be active on the single physical SIM with a second provider active on the eSIM. I’ve personally experimented with this configuration using AT&T Prepaid and Google Fi on eSIM with Republic service active on the physical SIM. Using AT&T Prepaid on the eSIM has been more or less flawless but using Fi on eSIM with Republic service active on the physical SIM has its quirks. As you can see, this gets complex, which is why I suggested for your use case an app-based solution for the second number.

Now, before anyone goes running to Republic support asking about eSIM and/or dual SIM support, please don’t. Republic does not currently offer eSIM support nor would Republic be responsible for supporting a second service provider using one of the referenced Pixels or OnePlus models. It’s simply not the job of service provider A to support service provider B’s service and vice versa.

So, the bottom line that one cannot have more than one Republic number on their compatible phone remains true. That doesn’t mean there aren’t multiple ways to have two numbers (one from Republic, one from another service provider) on a Republic compatible phone. My apologies if this answer is more than you bargained for.

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Hi Rolandh
Thank you so much for your very thorough answer. Very helpful. This inquiry was re-started because my 1 year-old grandaughter did a good job on one of my phones. I need a new one which made me think again about how to have personal and business lines on a single phone. My wife is with Verizon so I was thinking of the dual SIM phone such as the Google Pixel using verizon and RW. You had mentioned using Sideline, however. Sounds easier. Is that reliable? After all, it would be my business line and I would hate to have trouble.
Again, thanks so much for your input.

Hi @jamesm.0z5ard,

I’ve found Sideline to be reliable and Sideline ports numbers in if your business line is currently elsewhere. Additionally, unlike Google Voice (another second number option), Sideline provides support if needed. For business purposes, I believe access to support is worth paying for. Sideline is $10/month.

Dual SIM options are intriguing for me, particularly for international travel and, so I play with it. One day, we’ll move past COVID and folks will want to do that again.

Unless you need a second coverage option (e.g. Republic on one SIM Verizon on another), I think you’ll find Sideline (or another app-based service) to be a more cost effective solution. If the cost of acquisition is not an obstacle, I highly recommend one of the Pixel 4 series phones for use with Republic. And, a Pixel 4 series phone would keep your dual SIM options open down the road should an app-based solution not work out.

You have been great. I agree - hopefully after the virus we will be back with international travel. Dual SIMs sound like the way to go. I will follow your advice and if you hear nothing it means all is good.
Thanks again!

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