2 Questions - 1) Republic verified WiFi hotspots, and 2) Starbucks


I have two questions, they may or may not be related.
I recently changed my phone from the antiquated Moto X1 to a Moto G6.
With the phone change came a plan change, and now I’m no the My Choice plan.
I’ve enabled the free WiFi connectivity feature on the new G6 and sometimes it works and other times I seem to have conflicting information showing on my screen that I can’t confirm whether it’s working or not.
One sure way I’m ALWAYS able to tell that I’m connected properly to WiFi is when I hear the sound indicating that the Yahoo eMail app makes when I receive eMails. On my Moto X1 on the original plan, as well as this one, I’ve set it so that I do not receive eMails when the app is not active and I’m on cellular. I always set it this way to conserve data usage and to prevent annoying personal eMail arrival sounds while at work (no way was I ever going to connect my personal phone to the office WiFi).
Anyway, when I am at home and connected to WiFi there, I know for sure that I am for two reasons: 1) because I hear the eMails sounds when mails arrive, and 2) I also see the white filled-in Republic Wireless curved icon, indicating that I’m connected to a WiFi spot.
However, sometimes, when I’m out in the street, I see two separate Republic Wireless curved icons, one of which is white, the other is blackened out, as though I’m NOT connected to WiFi. So, my first question is, why are two Republic Wireless icons displaying? Am I connected to WiFi or am I not? I’d swear that I’m not, because at times like this, I NEVER hear sounds indicating that eMails have arrived, and I’ve even confirmed that eMails would have been delivered if I were on WiFi because I load the Yahoo eMail app, refresh it, and a bunch of new eMails arrive as I’m looking at my inbox.

The second question I have is what I mentioned about Starbucks. I know Starbucks has free WiFi, I was at one a short time ago, and I see a message supposedly from Android itself, allowing me to connect to the Starbucks WiFi. But, a login page opens, not inside any browser, as far as I know, where I’m supposed to fill in login information providing my name, eMail, zip code, etc. However, this page disappears as soon as I touch the screen. I had problems getting ANY WiFi in Starbucks for the last few months I had my original Moto X. I don’t know if this is a problem that carried over to my new phone because the account information was copied over to the new phone, but as of right now, when I’m sitting in Starbucks, a place this is known for its free WiFi, I basically have to shut off all WiFi and use cellular when I’m inside Starbucks.

Am I connected to WiFi or not?
New: Republic verified WiFi hotspots

Hi @kevinh.5mc20k,

The RW app uses the white arc for a variety of notifications. To know what it’s telling you at any given time, touch the top of the screen and drag down to see your notifications list. We’ll be making some changes in a coming version of the app to use more varied notification icons so the white arc be counted on to mean Wi-Fi connectivity is good.

When you’re at Starbucks, if you open the browser and go to login.com what happens?


Thanks for using the term “arc”, I was trying to come up with the proper term.
When I’m at home and drag the arc down, the notification says I’m “On WiFi”.
I can’t recall what I see in the street, or at Starbucks.

As far as the Starbucks problem is concerned, I don’t know what you mean by “login.com”, I just typed the web address login.com in my browser and that has nothing to do with Starbucks, although I’m at home, not in a Starbucks.
I was able to stop the Starbucks “login” page from disappearing very rapidly by pressing and holding on their submit button, and the web page it is trying to display to get me to submit login information is:
I went to the browser myself on the phone and typed in that web address and an information page came up saying:
“You need to be at a participating Starbucks® stores and connected to our ‘Google Starbucks’ Wi-Fi network to enjoy our Wi-Fi service.”
and the web page I came up with was not the disappearing input form that was prompting me to log in.
I know Starbucks changed their free WiFi in recent months and they want a person to “register” by giving their eMail, name, etc…, and that’s what that form appears to be, but it’s definitely not working on my phone.