2 side-by-side Moto phones, same plans, both CDMA, one gets full LTE Data other LTE Roaming Data

One phone gets LTE the other LTE Roaming. Moto G4+ side-by-side with Moto G7, both CDMA, both same RW plans + 1GB data. How can I set G7 phone to get LTE like the G4+ phone?

When I travel with my Son he has the same RW plan as I do with 1GB data, his is Moto G4+ mine is Moto G7, he gets LTE and I don’t? Both CDMA RW Sims. I get LTE roaming and can’t use my data, or super super slow, he has no trouble using his data? Same car, same places. When traveling I usually get LTE roaming (It has the little X in the corner of the LTE icon). My previous phone was a Moto G5S+ and got full LTE no roaming way more often, I rarely get full LTE data anymore with the Moto G7 except in my home town or on Interstate near hometown. If I travel out of my hometown it usually switches to LTE roaming which doesn’t seem to work. I have tried rebooting G7, and have tried going into Airplane mode and back and neither make a difference. What would cause one phone to work well with LTE and other not? What can I do besides buy a new phone?

Hi @eddie.spaghetti,

I’ll grant the described experience seems a bit odd. In the area where you receive native LTE coverage, please try the following:

No PRL update available in Motorola G7 settings. Also, instructions to reset cellular settings says: Note: For Moto G7, Moto G7 Play or G7 Power, please stop here - updating the data profile is not needed/available for these phones

Any other creative ideas to remedy this Motorola G7 problem? Happened again today, drove 10 miles from home and my son’s Moto G4+ had full LTE while my Moto G7 had LTE Roaming with an x in the icon. Same car, same place.

Have you recently had your car’s windows tinted? If so it may just be the difference in signal degredation from one seat to another. I know it might sound far-fetched but I recently had my windows tinted and I have good cell service in the driver’s seat but if I am holding my phone in the passenger seat service drops.

Hi @eddie.spaghetti,

Let’s try to narrow down the variables just a little.

Do you ever have a usable LTE signal on your Moto G7? For example, while at home, if you turn off WiFi, what does the cellular connection look like?

Yes, LTE 4 bars with strong data at home w WiFi off.

When traveling on I35 or I80 normally have strong LTE with working cell data.

The phone I had before this one was Moto G5S+ , that phone had good data reception normally 80% of a trip thru Central to NorthWest rural Iowa. The newer G7 has dismal to no data 80% of the same trip.

My Son had 4 to 5 bars for entire 60 miles w working cell data on a trip last week in North to Central Iowa and I had LTE with an “x” in the icon and no working cell data. Same car, same place in the car, same trip.

Hi @eddie.spaghetti,

That’s good. That suggests the hardware is functioning and the phone is not stuck in a strange “roaming-only” state.

Considering your phone is newer than your son’s and one would think that would mean it probably has more cellular bands supported than the older phone, this does seem a bit strange. Before we put you through a lot of hoop-jumping, I think what we’d need to do next is confirm with a screenshot that your son also has a CDMA SIM card.

Could you ask him to follow these steps and either tell us what it says, or send a screenshot?

Hey, as much as I am hate to bad mouth my friends at Motorola, the Moto 7 Power I had purchased in June 2019 turned out to be extremely annoying. At first it was great. But after any Moto the phone started having problems. I had Moto E for 6 years and never had the type of problems I had with the G7. I splurged to get the G7 and after the fact I wish I had stayed with the E model but I wanted more storage capacity.

It is not all models of G7, nor is it every batch that came out. My friend who stuck with using the E model never had the same issues and he travels more than I do.

I knew it was not Republic Wireless because of the ongoing issues with connecting to WiFi even in my own home after my the first update from Moto. Starting with the first Moto update my settings would change. I have had trouble at public WiFi locations that used to work with the G7. I will not bore you will all the cell connection issues that would come and go with the phone.

Just two months ago I purchased a phone using Swappa, which is offered directly through Republic Wireless so they only list phone that are compatible. I was very lucky to get a two year old Pixel 3 XL that was not used but was factory sealed in the original box but was manufactured in 2019. Because of my long term plan to hold onto the phone until it just about dies (again I had the original Moto E for six years). Just about every stupid issues I had with the Moto G7 does not exist with this 3 XL. But I also figured out one or two stupid user issues on my end. But overall I am happy that I gave away my G7.

I do not honestly believe that all Moto G7’s are bad. I know Motorola makes the best budget phones that continue to score well in testing and end user experience. I had the same cheap phone for six years. I do believe it worth considering that the root cause of what you are experiencing is the G7 you own. I do not even have a bunch of testing ideas to isolate the issue to being the just the phone. For now maybe keep using workarounds as best you can. If you ultimately get sick of workarounds,
know that you may not need the latest phone on the market to meet your phone needs.

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