2 sim cards in package with new phone

I just received my new Moto X4. During the setup process, I found a SIM card attached to a “credit card”, and when I looked further, I saw ANOTHER “credit card” w/ the SIM card removed w/ a note that said the SIM card was already installed. Opening the SiM slot, I saw one was installed. Which SIM am I supposed to be using?

Hi @tripod137,

We had a system glitch with the Moto X4 that resulted in both kinds of SIM cards being included with a few shipments.

You have the option to use whichever SIM card provides you the best coverage.


You can determine which SIM is already installed by opening the Republic App/:settingsicon: Settings/About SIM Type will be indicated, below your phone number

Check out this visual by @cbwahlstrom to tell the difference between un-installed SIM

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