2 year old Moto X Pure wants to finish activation?


What phone do you have?
Moto X Pure
What plan are you on?
My Choice (2 GB)
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Date plus talk/text

Issue Description

A Republic pop up showed up on my phone today (2 year old Moto X Pure, never had any previous problems) wanting me to finish activation. Obviously I’ve already done this since I’ve been using the phone the last 2 years,
The notification says" Republic Wireless activation is nearly complete! Power the phone down to complete" If I open the Republic app everything looks normal - no mention of any updates. The phone works fine - calls, texts, email, internet, connects to WIFI… At some point I’m sure I’ll want/need to reboot the phone. Is anything funky going on with the phone? Is there any harm in rebooting? I really don’t want to do something that may cause a service interruption or possibly brick the phone.


There should be no harm in rebooting (turning the phone off, then on again).
As with any computer a reboot can fix a lot of issues, and phones are little computers!
(I want to make sure tho that you are talking about a reboot and not a “reset” of the phone.) :wink:


Yes, it does say restart (but I’m concerned that it might mean reset). I’m just a little nervous that it might reset everything back to original settings and wipe everything clean. I would think that an “activation” would want to start with a fresh slate?


Nope. Activation does not factory reset the phone.
Restarting the phone, also, does not wipe the phone.


Thanks @SuperT and @SpeedingCheetah Rebooting got rid of the message (didn’t look like the phone tried to actually reactivate) and everything seems to be working normal.

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