20.00 shipping for a data card?


as a LONG TIME republic wireless (moto x 1st gen) customer I was disappointed that I have to use amazon to purchase this data card and then they want 20.00 to receive it in a reasonable length of time…sad customer


Hi @david86426,

I’m not seeing a $20 shipping option. The most expensive option I see is $15 for two-day shipping with lesser cost options. The free shipping option might have it to you in as few as two days longer, though I concede there’s no guarantee of that.

Currently, the data only SIM is something of an experiment for Republic. Republic is listening to feedback and, hopefully, in the future, Republic will sell directly but, for now, it is what it is. More details here: Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM.


The Data only SIMs on Amazon shows as Free shipping for me with the most expensive option being 2 day shipping for $10.

I am not a Prime Member.

If Amazon is charging you much more for shipping, then the address you are shipping it to must be an expensive location to ship to…for some reason.


Interesting, my options are a bit different (pricewise), but still range from Free to $10.


thank you, Really this situation caused by republic automatically sending me to amazon with outrageous shipping makes me wonder what they are trying to do now a days. There was no option to shop around to find a better deal or closer shipper, Thanks for your feedback


This is a test product being sold in limited numbers, through a partner. It isn’t a core part of Republic’s services and is not sold or supported as one.


now u tell me…it is NOT supported by republic wireless but they are promoting it under their name


Sorry I wasn’t clear, I didn’t mean to say it wasn’t supported by Republic, I said it was sold or support as a “core part of Republic’s services”. Republic provides basic support for the service not working and the partner handles all sales/shipping related service and support.


got it, thanks to clarify


Of course…that be shipping logistics costs.

For those reading this later, who don’t know, sellers can set a flat shipping cost for everyone or, like in this case, dynamic, based on the shipping address of the sellers location to the buyers ship to address.