2014 Moto G ready to upgrade to 2020 Moto E Fast

This little old phone still works fine, but current app builds are not updating due to Android 5.1
Time to get something new. But will it be a hassle? Do I lose all settings, preferences and app’s?
Will my messages dissolve? Will Gmail get messy?
Or will it be easy and make me glad to have done it?

The process is like 90% hassle-free. Contacts, apps, gmail, and the like are all easy to transfer. You’ll have to do some updating of preferences and settings because the new phone will be slightly different. The area that I find messiest is texts. You’ll need to use an app to back them up and restore them if you want them on the new phone. I use SMS Backup and Restore. It takes a little time and your phone will go notification-happy for a little while when you first run it. After that, though, it’ll all be good.


Update for you! It had been 2+ years since I had used SMS Backup and Restore, but just used it yesterday. A feature i hadn’t noticed before is that it will let you backup your messages and call logs to the phone’s SD card. It really reduced the amount of time needed for me to get all my stuff from Old Phone to New Phone.

Thanks for the encouraging words. A new RW Moto E Fast is on the way. I haven’t told the 6-year-old Moto about it.

Break the news gently to it! Tell the old phone you’re sending it to a farm upstate!

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