2020? G Power, supported? double checking

Here is a link to the previous post from me about this, comments are closed or I would have posted again on there.

NOW my phone needs to be replaced, slowing down and going “black” at times or freezing up. I am guessing it is just too old now, since I have plenty of open storage left…I still like it but I want to get a new one before this one quits completely.

So I am double checking if this phone is still supported with Republic “bring your own phone”. It sounded before like people liked this phone, however on the web page it doesn’t say any place this is a 2020 one, even though when I look around elsewhere, it obviously is since the 2021 version has a different look in the back.
The web page is very general and I can’t find a specification list any place.

I know I need the special SIM card, and will have to do that again if I go ahead with this phone.

I always forget how to do everything when switching phones.
Also, all of my accessories are not the “c” power cords. Is there a conversion jack to go from one to the other?

Yes that is the Moto G Power 2020. If you go to the following link and scroll down you will see all of the Moto G phones currently for sale by Motorola. If you click on the Moto G Power 2020, you get to the exact page that you linked. https://www.motorola.com/us/smartphones-moto-g-family#

I have that same phone, so I know it is supported, and I’m happy with it.

And you can get “C” adapters at Walmart for a couple of dollars each.

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Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

Welcome back to our Member Community and thanks for opening a new topic.

Please let us know if you do end up getting the Moto G Power 2020. The Community Treasure Chest has a few overstock cases and screen protectors available for that phone, please let me know if you’d like any of the below:

OtterBox Black Commuter Lite Case for Moto G Power
Gadget Guard Clear Black Ice Glass Screen Protector for Moto G Power
Axessorize Blue PROTech Case for Moto G Power
Axessorize Black PROTech Case for Moto G Power

I can also send a few of the USB-Micro to USB-C adapters for you.

I am curious, though, why you wouldn’t prefer the newer Moto G Power 2021 which is on sale at Motorola for $179? moto g power - android smartphone | motorola US - Motorola
(I don’t have any overstock accessories for that one, though!)

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Actually, I can’t remember if there was a reason for wanting the 2020 vs the 2021. From rereading my previous topic post, it seems I had done some reading about it and the camera on the 2020 was better, or so it seemed to me at the time.

However, if someone can tell me why the 2021 and if I did remember it correctly as having a better camera, that would be appreciated. I would appreciate the cheaper cost, but only if it is a good or better phone than the 2020.
My main concerns are stability, long life and a good camera. I am not as concerned about how large a screen it has or how fast it does games.

I would certainly appreciate the fee accessories though !

If I seem a little scattered about the choices, I lost my only sister end of July, so am just trying to go with what I researched before since i don’t have alot of brain power to do it now.

I’ve attached a detailed “side-by-side” comparison. Lots of stuff, but perhaps it will give you some insight on the features most important to you.

Sorry for your loss, @janelle.bku4gn. No worries about seeming scattered. Decisions like this can be difficult anyway, but even more so when you’re going through so much.

I chose the 2020 over the 2021 because the screen on the 2020 is higher resolution. Apparently they reduced the resolution for 2021 to save money. OTOH, the 2021 will get security updates for an additional year simply because it is newer.

Security updates aren’t that big of a deal in my opinion. The chances of your phone getting hacked (unless you download sketchy apps or files off the internet) aren’t that great. OS updates, in my opinion, are a bigger deal (e.g. 10 → 11) as they being a different UI/feature improvements.

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That is helpful chart thanks. Am I reading it wrong or is the 2020 version have a better camera?

@southpaw if you have a suggestion on a different Moto phone, I would love it. I just realized that the phone I have been looking at is the same on my daughter has had for awhile. Obviously since it is the 2020 version. I feel like the 2021 power was down graded a bit as someone else has stated here.
thanks for any suggestions.

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

In my mind, there’s nothing inherently wrong with either the Moto G Power 2020 or 2021. Is there something about your daughter’s phone you don’t like?

In order for the Community to make suggestions, we’d need to know what’s most important to you about a phone. Some people have mentioned security updates and Android updates, but since you tend to keep your phone for a very long time anyway, it seems having the newest software and every new feature isn’t a top priority for you.

You’ve mentioned the camera a couple of times. Are you generally happy with the pictures you take on your current phone? If so, I think either Moto G Power will be an upgrade from that.

What are the most important things to you about the phone you have today? What do you feel is missing or lacking on your current phone that you’d like to see a new phone have or do better?

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My daughter had said her phone isn’t working that great, which I realize could be because she has been using it… instead of because it is not a reliable phone any longer. She said it’s hard to switch between the windows.

Most important is reliability since I do keep it a long time.
Next a close 2nd would be camera/video quality and storage amount since I do take photos and usually store them on the SD card.

My camera is ok, although I know my daughter’s is better.
Size of the phone I have is big enough.
I don’t need a giant phone.

Easy to use.
I do sometimes watch video on my phone, so not a high priority but needs to be able to do it.

I need Bluetooth connection ability.
I like the old charging connection since all my accessories use that, but I know that is being phased out, so could give this up with those adapters

I do not need the fanciest features. I like my twist to open the camera, and shake to start the flashlight features.
I would like a Motorola brand.

I can’t afford much over $300 all costs involved… But I realize that is usually a difficult price range to find a quality phone with a phone cost closer to $200- $250 add the shipping, case, accident coverage, etc.

If I had my current phone working correctly ( not freezing up and blacking out) with a slightly better camera, it would be fine

Also I need a phone that I can get a suitable case.
I like ones similar to the 2 piece Tudia brand I use. I don’t like the all plasticky ones, I like to have rubber edges on my case.
This may seem odd, but is one thing I always check before purchasing a phone.

And I thought I wasn’t very picky but after I write it all down it sounds like I am pretty picky LOL :blush:

This is exactly what I was after, though! We all have things that matter to us, that aren’t always what a “specs” list includes!

I haven’t seen a lot of reports that the G Power 2020 is starting to slow down, and mine isn’t experiencing any lag, yet. It might be interesting to go through some troubleshooting with your daughter and see if we can find a reason for that. But I don’t want to rule out that the potential is there, since you’re making a big decision.

We can’t do much about the size of the phone. They just keep making them bigger and bigger. We can’t really have a firm handle on reliability when talking about current phones, but you’ve said you want a Motorola, so that becomes more important than comparing the overall reputation of a Samsung or Pixel.

I’m going to challenge your budget just a little… take a look at the Moto One 5G Ace. It hits a lot of your checkboxes: Moto, 64 GB of memory and up to 1TB of external storage (that’s a whole lotta photos), a quality camera, Bluetooth 5.1, and the chop motion for the flashlight. It is missing shake for the camera, and I missed that enormously when I was trying out the phone.

What I like about this phone for you is that it is 5G capable. Since you like to keep a phone for a long time, this would to serve you well as the 5G network is being built up. It’s not that 4G is going to go away any time soon, but with the focus, hype, and competition surrounding 5G, I think the carriers will be investing far less in expanding any 4G coverage. This phone will help future-proof you, to some extent. At the moment, it’s on sale for $329 at Moto (5% off if you sign up for their e-mail list). The Tudia case you like is available for it on Amazon for $13.

But… to be honest, there are plenty of people here in Community who will take me to task for even thinking about 5G as a spec that matters at this point, and that shake-for-camera thing may be more important to you than 5G. If so, I really think you can’t beat the Moto G Power 2021 still showing at $179 from Motorola. The Tudia case is also available from Amazon for $13 in a variety of colors. That leaves you some extra cash to stash away for your next phone! As far as the camera specs go, it’ll be an upgrade from your current phone, and if you’re already content with that, then you’ll be content with this one.

I think you’ve got some good options to choose from and really no bad choices to worry about.

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You have defiantly given me much to consider which I will do more of this week end. I looked at how to get the special SIM card and realized it will be after I get my phone that I can start that process.

I certainly appreciate all of the work you did in offering these suggestions. I have to admit, loosing the shake to open the camera might be tough (one of the reasons I wanted to stick with Moto since I assumed they were the only ones who did that). I have had that since my first cell phone and kind of love it … lol … my boss asked what I was doing once, and I explained it… she said she would certainly take photos when she didn’t want to if her phone did that !

In my tired brain state, it is helpful to have someone to help narrow down things for me.
I did google a question about the best phones in 2021, and ran easily across one of my favorite review sites I had forgotten about. I have used it for purchasing cameras in the past years ago.
You will be amazed to see what one of the picks is for the “best cheap phone”
Yep, the Moto G 2021… so interesting, but certainly shows that at least 2 of you think it’s a good phone :grinning:… and with the camera shake to turn on thing, it might be an additional help in pushing me one way or another.

I have to think some more, but again, thanks SO much for this help… I really need that right now after loosing my sis.
I’ll follow up on my decision soon.
Oh, here is the link to Tom’s guide

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So, since this phone is out of stock at Republic, and I can never find an exact model number on the Moto site, I am confirming that the Moto Power 2021 listed here is compatible for Republic?
I’m getting close to a decision and since this is on a good sale today, I had better decide today!
moto g power - Motorola - Motorola

and can I have info on how to find some of those USB-Micro to USB-C adapters southpaw spoke of?

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

Yes, the linked Moto G Power at Motorola’s website is indeed Republic compatible.

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Thanks for the quick response, but how did I link the moto power 2020?
I believe this is the one I meant to link here, the moto power 2021

and is it bad that the back and the frame are plastic?

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Hin @janelle.bku4gn,

Either the 2021 or 2020 Moto G Power purchased directly from Motorola is Republic compatible.

In my opinion plastic is not a bad thing. Glass backs are nice and all but also more likely to break.

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Not available directly from Republic right now it is out of stock. I need to purchase elsewhere and can never find the exact model number to confirm on the “bring your own phone” list.
Sorry for the confusion

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As I said:

Either model purchased from Motorola’s U.S. website is Republic compatible (no need for additional concern about model number).

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