24 minute boot time?


A moto X ver1 on a rebate plan. 90+% is wifi use. Very few apps installed, at least half the memory free, probably more. Only app I use for more than looking up a phone number is Google navigation. All apps auto updated via Google play.

Problem: if for some reason it shuts down (cold in the car will shut it down) it takes a solid 24 minutes to boot back up. This is as you can imagine a major pain. Screen displays “… optimizing apps, 1, … 2, … of 75 …,” then reboots.

Is this an Apple like trick to force me to buy a new phone? It would be an unnecessary extravagance.


the optimizing app on power up is a known issue when powering up while plugged in to a charger


Will pay attention to this, thanks.


The workaround in @drm186 's links works on my G1 & G3.

If your X1 is shutting down to old/low battery you may want to consider an upgrade or possibly having a new battery installed.



That’s exactly what I don’t want to consider.


I didn’t consider replacing my Moto X either when the cell radio died prematurely more than a year & half ago. Haven’t looked back and going forward have had a better user experience.

We are all different and wants/needs vary.




I understand not wanting to get a newer phone (they are expensive and newer plan may not be as much of a value as you current on, but the suggestion of a new battery may be one wother looking in to as the Moto X battery was design to have about 500 charge cycles and after 3-4 years your are pushing it’s end of life.
I would not recommend novice to replace the battery in a moto X but there are many local repair shops that can do this for not to much it’s at least worth looking in to

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