252-100-xxxx produces "Dialed Number Not Allowed" from RW App


Moto Z Play on the CC 3.0 w/ 1GB data plan

I am adding *67 in front of the number I’m dialing, but I’m getting the error message “Dailed number not allowed” from the RW app. This is with cell radio disabled (Airplane mode) and WiFi enabled (home network).

Everything I read says this should work. But, it’s not working.

EDIT: I just tried dialing the same number without *67 in front, and I got the same error message. I’m starting to suspect RW just doesn’t like the exchange number 100, as in 252-100-nnnn. From what I can tell, the 100 exchange is associated with the Greenville, NC area. Confirm?


Sorry have to ask, have you tried restarting your phone and trying again?

Area code is for Greenville and Rocky Mountain NC, that was all I was able to find.


Yes, I’ve restarted the phone. This has actually been going on for a few days. I’ve received numerous calls from that 252-100-nnnn number. The area code is Eastern NC (my area code), and from what I can tell, the 100 exchange is from the Greenville, NC area (between the coast and Raleigh). Whoever it is that’s calling has been very persistent. But, being unfamiliar with the 100 exchange, I wanted to check it out without revealing my number.


Did you try any other numbers with *67? If you don’t have anyone to test, DM me, and I’ll give you a number you can try.


That’s not a valid phone number. The number scheme for the NXX starts at 201. It’s not possible to have a 100 exchange. (Meaning the issue has nothing to do with *67, it is really “not a valid phone number”)

In case anyone is wondering why this is, it has to do with the “1” prefix for dialing long distance calls. In areas where there is 7 digit dialing an inital “1” would confuse the systems (the same reason there are no “1” area codes).


So, if that’s what is showing on my caller ID, would that suggest the caller is most likely a spam caller? Trying to decide whether to block the number.


Based on @louisdi comment that could be a spoof number/SPAM. A number that is disguised to look like a USA number but it’s actually an international number which RW phones cannot call. If this is the case, it’s the One ring phone scam:


It means that the caller is spoofing their caller ID and strongly suggests a spam/scam caller.


That’s what I suspected. Was trying to decide whether to block the number, but, I was expecting a legitimate call from the Greenville area, so, I was reluctant. Thanks, guys!


Absolutely nothing to do with this. The area code is a domestic one and the NXX is invalid.


Well, then it’s probably some kind of spoof.


Whatever it is, it’s blocked now. :angry:


Yes, I’m fairly sure I said that here: 252-100-xxxx produces “Dialed Number Not Allowed” from RW App


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