2fa. Can I use the underlying number?

I’m with US Bank. I rarely need it, but when I do, can I use the underlying number for the 2fa? Just wondering?

Hi @scotto,

Presuming you have a newer Republic phone, I’m afraid the answer is no. The old method of using the secondary number no longer works.

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The US Mobile Banking app does not even allow my mother to login.
They now require at every login to 'Verify" her, but it will not accept her RW number, it says “Not a mobile number. VOIP numbers are not supported. You can only use a real mobile number”.

Sadly, this is all on US Bank as they set this policy…and changing banks is not an option for her.

It seems to me, more an more companies are setting and enforcing a no VOIP number policy. Thus making it very hard for some folks to stick to companies like RW for their cell service.

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