2FA for Republic Account/Community Account not separate

Last time I tried to use 2FA option here for my RW account, it affected BOTH the phone account portal, and this Community Forum account login.

Is this still the case?

Since one has to have a separate login process to go from this Community Forum to the users Phone account portal, I do not see the reason why setting 2FA would or should affect both accounts, since they are in fact independent of each outer, where one can have different username and login info.

I login to this community pretty much every day, from my home computers and on my work machine(on breaks or when work is slow…etc) Having to use 2FA every-time, is very inconvenient.

I very very rarely login to my actual Phone account portal.
Since one can not actually do any account level things here in community forums and via the community account, I feel 2FA here is not necessary for me.
But I want my Phone account more secure with the 2FA.

I really would like to see RW give more options for the 2FA setting.
A toggle option only set 2FA for ones Phone account portal and not community.
Or make it a 3 way option, 2FA Enabled for: Phone Account, Community Account, Both.

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The login for the community, help and for the user portal are all the same platform. Their interface may look different but in the back end they are the same exact system. We have one single-sign-on platform.

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Then…why do I have to login again when I go from Community to Account if they are the same system.
If the average user uses the same login info for both, as most convenient easy to remember, then if one gets compromise forgotten, both are. This kinda makes having to login twice pointless then.

While the Community, Help Center and Portal are themselves different platforms, they are housed together by SSO. While they use SSO, none of the tools we use support passive authentication, so you have to click login before other sites know you are logged in.

This is not uncommon. In fact passive auth is uncommon.

Well from reading on a few articles on what Single Sign On is…that seems to indicate that SSO is an one click login for multiple services and portals. So those heavily imply that a user only needs to use one login account and info for all the services and modules attached to the core service/site they are logging into., and not having to login in again at some point moving to an attached site. they don’t mention “passive authentication” and how that plays into things though.

You don’t have to log in again, usually just clicking login will do it.

Nope. I always get a blank login box and have to enter in the info, or do my browsers auto fill, then click login in.

I just used incognito to log into the account portal then went to the help center and clicked sign in and was in. Since they are separate sites that is how it works.

I am going from this page, the community, to the “Account -mange phones” option.


if they are all separate sites, then why can’t I set my preferred security setting level for each one independantly then eh?

Are you arguing they are the same site? I am sure you know they are not.

They are on the same domain but separate subdomains and use completely different technologies and hosting. One one of those sites did we make the others we are customers of their service. Discourse and Zendesk are SaaS solutions.

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I guess I was confused by your previous statements then here.
I thought you were saying they are all part of SSO and then

Then here, you say I should not have to login again when changing sites, but I do in fact have to and u now confirm that is correct to have to login again between the 3 sites because they are different platforms…so…hence I am a bit confused.

Regardless, consider this a future suggestion then, to add expanded 2FA options as I mentioned in the OP.

Let’s try this… It is one authentication system on the backend, but multiple front end systems, not even hosted at the same place. The forums are one system. The help system is another. The customer portal is another. The customer portal contains sensitive information about you, including your name, email and the calls and texts data. Much of this data is CPNI, protected information under FCC rules. The requirement that you log back in again when moving across systems helps protect this information.


By chance, how long do you take switching between the different sites? When you log in initially, the central log in server will remember you. However, after a while the login server will reset.

If you login to one and switch to to the others quickly, it should bypass the ‘enter your username and password’. If I want to go check on my account after reading the community here for a couple of hours, my login at the central server will have expired and will have to enter my password again.

Not talking about timeout here.
I login to the community, then, immediately or after less than 1 min go to account, I have to login again.
There has never been a time where I have not had to login multiple times.

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