2GB from hurricane Florence


I was wondering about an email I got regarding the 2 GB of data for us in NC affected by hurricane Florence. This was a very nice gesture by Republic and it showed up soon after the email from Republic. All my family showed the 2GB (5 phones) but it was only for a day and a half and disappeared after our billing cycle closed out. Did it expire after the day and a half or will it show up again? Thanks, Jeff Wagner


Hi @jeffreyw.ngcjzs!

I believe it is only until the end of your billing cycle. After that, it goes away. Since your situation is unique, you could open a help ticket, explain your situation, and ask for some of the data to be added back. Since this was (and is) a courtesy offer, I can’t guarantee you will get the data back, but I know Republic will give you a fair consideration. I hope that helps! Did you guys get hit pretty hard in your part of NC?


Flooding was the worst. That and trees down causing power outages. We lost limbs and have a couple trees we’ll now have to have taken down as they don’t look safe anymore. Ground softened and they now lean too much for my comfort.


Hi @jeffreyw.ngcjzs,

I hope the flooding didn’t enter your house.

Your comment about the leaning trees made me think of something my grandmother told me as we were preparing for Florence. She lived in Ivanhoe, NC during Hurricane Hazel. She said my grandfather took the family to the train depot during the storm - he felt it was the most structurally safe building in town. When they went back home after the storm had passed, all the oak trees in the front yard were leaning toward the house. They had someone come in with a tractor to pull them back upright!

I’m not sure I’d have felt like that was a safe solution!

Is your power back on yet?


Yes we have power now and the creek in the backyard seems to be going down. That’s what was causing the ground to weaken under the big trees back there. We’ve had the kids sleep downstairs til someone looks at the trees as we don’t want them up there if a tree comes down. The trees aren’t leaning as bad as they were (strange) but I think the leaves holding a ton of water was partly why they were leaning so bad. They still are leaning enough that I’m not comfortable. We have relatives here that are heading back to Jacksonville and Sneads Ferry area so we’ll be helping them. They got it real bad. Thanks for your help.


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