2nd Line - Using Republic as a 2nd line on another phone

It would be great if republic would offer the ability to add it’s service as a second line on an existing phone. That would work when on Wifi or using the other providers data. I work for a company and it gets old carrying around 2 phones, especially when I don’t use my personal pone very often. This would be great for letting people like me carry around 1 phone instead of 2. I would be willing to pay 5 to 10 bucks a month for this feature, no questions asked. It would be great.

Hi @dalton42544,

It might interest you to know Republic is working on adding calling (it’s in private beta now) to its Republic Anywhere messaging app. More on Anywhere here: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless.

One does need to have active service on a Republic phone to take advantage of Anywhere and I don’t expect Republic will offer Anywhere on a standalone basis going forward. If all you wish in the way of a 2nd line is something app based, I suggest you check out Pinger’s Sideline.

Yeah, the issue is that I work for a cellphone company, my title to be exact is Supervisor - Wireless Field Operations. Of course I have a company phone and am tired of carrying around two phones. I have looked at several of the alternatives, ex. Sideline, Smartline (by GoDaddy, currently trying this one) as well as several others. But, they all utilize either VoIP (which sucks from most of them), or they go through a secondary number that their app calls and makes it appear you are calling from your personal number (Smartline and SIdeline both do this. I understand that Republic uses VoIP and from what I have experienced in trying their service, it works pretty good, especially compared to some of the others I have tried. It was just a suggestion, something for them to consider. I know personally, carrying 2 smartphones around is a major pain in the neck, especially when you have to carry them both everywhere you go.

Hi @dalton42544,

When Anywhere calling is released to GA, it would eliminate the need to carry around a second phone. It likely won’t eliminate the need for a second phone (one activated with Republic) as Republic is currently positioning Anywhere as a value add for Republic members. I don’t doubt the thought of Anywhere as a standalone offering has occurred to the fine folks at Republic. Given existing alternatives in the market, whether Republic chooses to pursue that remains to be seen. Were they to do so, I think $10/month is more realistic than $5 and the means would indeed be OTT VoIP.

I don’t think $10 is unrealistic, that’s what I would expect, roughly. I wouldn’t mind having a republic phone, but as stated previously, I work for a cellphone company, so to have one would still put me with two phones. I guess for now I will pursue other options, just a thought since they already have a solid reliable infrastructure that could easily support it.

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