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I tried google voice and it does not work with my number. I am looking for a good reliable app that works on wifi and all mobile networks for a permanent second number for my business. Must have voice mail. Thanks

Can you explain this a bit further? I’m using GV without any issue and so are a number of other Republic customers that I’m aware of.

I forget the error message exactly but it could not validate my phone number. I have had this phone number for 20yrs or more. I haven’t used it to set up a google voice in the past. In my research I found that could be a reason it will not validate my number but like I said I don’t have a previous google voice acct that I am aware of . I will pay up to $10 a month for a good second number. I’m looking at slider and clound sim. I find mixed reviews on all the apps I see.

Hi @brenth57,

The most common reason for the experience is Google’s opinion the number has been used too many times to claim a GV number. I understand Google’s opinion may not be reality but without a quote of the error message, that’s my best educated guess.

As an alternative, you might look at Sideline. I use and like it.


Talkatone, SmartLine, and Line2 are other alternatives. As you’ve found, reviews are mixed.

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