2nd Republic phone

I’ve just purchased a new Republic phone (my second) and I’m a bit intimidated by the transfer to keep my old #
Do I wait until it gets here and shall it become clear (or more clear)?
TIA Robert

Hi Robert,

Transferring your Republic Wireless phone happens after you receive the new phone, during activation.

You will take care of moving your number over and deactivating your old phone while you are activating your phone.

When you receive your new phone, make sure the SIM is installed, the battery is charged and then turn it on.

First: Select your language.

Second: Connect the phone to WiFi. all activation takes place over WiFi.

Third: Add the same Google account that you have on your old phone. This will move your contacts, Gmail and access to Google Photos and Drive.

Be sure your phone has the Republic app installed and up to date. This is also an opportunity for your phone to start updating apps

Fourth is Republic activation. Login to the account that controls your old phone. Select to “Move (your number)”. This will transfer your number to your new phone and deactivate your old phone.


Mr Johnny5 –you sir are a gentleman and a scholar

Thank you very much!


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Mt Johnny 5
Thank you for your very helpful instruction–the transfer went flawlessly. It took several attempts but I was also finally able to change my data plan to what I signed up for after over a year of unrequested increases with the corresponding increase in charges. I quess it took getting a new phone but it seems OK now. Wish me luck it continues …
I do wish to thank you again for your very prompt and clear reply with directions assisting me.

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