2nd sim for 2nd carrier?


Hi: trying to research this but not sure I have the tech vocabulary to do so… I’ve got a Moto G5 Plus. As I understand it, my sim tray holds 2 sims. One for RW and the second optional for data, which I put in. I’m running into occasions where I don’t have a data connection on RW network and am not near wifi. Can I get a second SIM card from another carrier and switch out the RW card thus allowing a data connection (probably AT&T for the areas where I don’t seem to have data roaming through RW). Assume I wouldn’t keep any of my RW settings but, for occasional use, that’s fine.

So, is that possible? One reference was to FreedomPOP – is that what I’d want? I vaguely remember an AT&T sim offer that wasn’t activated until you used it.

OK. Hope that makes sense. Appreciate any help anyone can offer.




Your G5+ may have another slot for a second SIM on the tray, however, unless it’s the international variant of the G5+ (which isn’t supposed to work with Republic’s service and is unsupported), it lacks a second SIM reader in the phone. The same scenario is true of my Moto X Pure. There are no dual SIM phones currently supported to work on Republic’s service.

I like free as much as anyone but speaking from personal experience as anything other than something to play with, just say no to FreedomPop.

In short, I’m sorry to say what you’d like to accomplish isn’t possible.


Many thanks for the quick answer. Just to be clear – by “dual sim phone” you mean that, even if I switch out the RW card for another carrier’s domestic card, the phone will work with no carrier other than RW?

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No, a dual SIM phone means the ability to use two SIMs in the phone at the same time. You may certainly swap back and forth between a Republic SIM and that of an alternate provider with your Moto G5+.


Ah, that’s what I’m after. Brain density increases with age thus making it more difficult for information to reach core operational centers… .



You currently have a G5 + withe RW service? If so it may have have a dual SIM tray but switching via phone settings is not possible.

While the second tray position isn’t a slot it may be able to store a back up SIM. You would need to manually swap SIMs to change from provider to provider.


Yes, RW service & phone. The 2nd slot on tray holds my expanded data card. I envision doing this few enough times such that I’d carry 2nd carrier card in some sort of holder. Thanks for additional!


It most certainly a second slot on the tray and it’s not intended as a place to store a backup SIM, though it might be used for that purpose. Manufacturer’s often use the same inexpensive parts in both domestic and international variants of the same phone. What they generally don’t do is include the second SIM reader in domestic variants.


Thought I read recently/saw that some of the newer Moto’s trays actually have a separate space for a second SIM. This would be due to mfg. being able to use one part for multinational phones. I was not proposing to attempt extra using SD space for storage.


Ah. Misunderstood. So you can just switch out within that side (?) of the tray or something about the tray allows switching (you’d think, after years of using a cell phone, I’d understand this stuff better but, although I’ve written on how to analyze cell data for search & rescue, I’m pretty clueless when holding one in my hand…).

EDIT: So, this? https://www.amazon.com/Dual-Holder-XT1687-XT1684-XT1685/dp/B074SD1XPH


If your tray is a dual SIM tray as I’ve hear about you should be able to. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Moto-G5-Moto-G5-Plus/Inserting-a-SIM-Card-into-the-US-Moto-G5-Plus/td-p/3633360

It would be better than having to store your extra SIM in your pocket. Only a storage solution.

The RW SIM moved to the spare space will remain active unless you cancel the line of service. Same should apply to say an activated ATT card once moved back as spare.

The big draw of real dual SIM phones is that you can change between SIMs via phone Setting. With a US G5+ you would to have work.


So long, as it’s understood only one SIM at a time will work in a North American variant of the G5+. That holder is really designed for use in international variants where two SIMs will work in a phone simultaneously. Using that tray, you’d still have to move SIMs back and forth between the two slots depending on which one you wanted to be active. Generally, I prefer something like this to store extra SIMs: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2/133-7032078-1601201?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=sim+card+case.


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