3.0 CDMA SIM Card - Activate By Date?


Unlike the 3.0 GSM SIM cards there is no use by date on the CDMA cards sent by RW Support. Paperwork included doesn’t mention it either…

Do they need to activated by ? or will they remain good for the duration of RW supporting the platform? I also don’t see dates on other Sprint cards laying around that can be used for other providers either… Related web search for answers results clear as mud.




I believe @rolandh has said somewhere the lifespan is 4yrs for an unused GSM sim card. I don’t know if the CDMA sim card has the same life span or not but guessing being the same materials it should be equally the same…

How Long Do I Have To Reactivate My SIM Card?


I had a fi sim laying for 2 years and it was going to expire the 19th of sept’ this year Just used it about 6 days ago.


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Could you please help me understand the scenario where someone would open a support ticket, engage our support team to evaluate their coverage situation, have a replacement SIM sent at our expense, and then not use it upon receipt?

Given that the expense of manpower, materials, and postage is not insignificant, I think we’d probably rather not publicize any specific expiration date that might encourage people to start “banking” CDMA SIM cards. They are sent by support with the intent that they be used when they are received.


Good afternoon @southpaw,

Members may want to request a SIM based upon occasional or one time travel to areas where they know the GSM network doesn’t provide adequate coverage for their needs. It may be a vacation, visit to family or friends, touristy trip or business travel. The CDMA network may not provide the best coverage or user experience in their normal area of use. If activated upon receipt and the GSM SIM reinserted for use until departure the 20 day reactivation cycle(s) would apply. Delaying the activation may be more practical in some scenarios.

I understand the expenses to RW required to send a replacement CDMA SIM and appreciate the efforts RW goes to for the members. We can currently invest in a BYOP GSM SIM to bank if using CDMA at home along with funds for an upcoming planned trip or emergency. Hopefully in the future members will be able to use their own resources to purchase a RW CDMA SIM for their coverage needs. My ticket was closed was closed yesterday when wanting to ask, found it active again today and asked the question to Support based upon my next travel being a month or two out. Thank you.

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