3.0 coverage review

I don’t have any coverage yet on the three. I’ll plan my wife is running the two-point no plan and gets great coverage. Didn’t know if the new three point no plan has better coverage when I compare the T mobile map to sprint map it seems T-Mobile looks better but I have not had good luck once you get out of the cities with T-Mobile. Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on the T-Mobile coverage especially in areas that are not in a big city.

thank you for your time

I always find better coverage in towns but that’s understandable.

In NC, on the Sprint plan, I had huge gaps in Sprint coverage. but had more roaming partner voice capacity in my travels around the state. I could live without data as long as I could make a call while on the road.


Now on the TMo plan, I still have huge gaps in coverage, but there are more times than not I don’t have any cell service. Same places of travel but more periods with no service. So, I drive 30 or so miles and will get back into range of a TMo tower.

The flip side is I have better TMo signal at the house than Sprint but I’m on wifi at that point.

I don’t know about the roaming partners with TMO/RW but in my experience I have less coverage around the state when traveling.

Completely depends upon where you live/travel. On my trips through southern Missouri to northwestern Arkansas T-Mobile has better coverage. On my trips through western Wisconsin Sprint has better coverage. If I were going through Iowa (which I seldom have reason to do), I would want Sprint.

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