3.0 no cell service

Anyone else have no cell service on 3.0 plan. Just started tonight, June 19, 2020

Hi @cb1,

Can you tell us what’s not working? Calling (inbound and outbound calls failing?) texting (both directions?) data, everything?

And all these things that fail on cell, do they work on WiFi?

Have you rebooted the phone or taken any troubleshooting steps since you noticed?

It would appear according to the symbol I have no phone or data service. I did notice earlier this evening that calling another cell would not connect and I had very low signal at that time where now I have 0 and I usually have full cell here.

Yes calls over wifi and data work. I just checked my wife’s phone and she has no service as well on her 3.0 plan.

Yes I have rebooted twice with no improvement.

I am in Northern Vermont and I usually have excellent service so I suspect T-Mobile is having issues. Just wanted to get confirmation.

T Mobile has been having bad outages across the nation this week, I would not be surprised if you experienced a local outage.

Hi @cb1,

We’re not experiencing a system-wide outage, but you could be seeing something local, as @Burusutazu mentioned. You could check downdetector to see if there are any reports of outages in your area, or open a Help Ticket so our technicians can look into it further.

I checked around last night and did not see any reports.
As both our oneplus and our motoraloa still have no cell service this morning I will open a ticket.

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Hi @cb1,

I logged into an outage database maintained by T-Mobile, and based on the address on your account, T-Mobile is not reporting any tower outages or local maintenance, nor do they indicate any change in coverage for your area.

Thank you for opening a ticket, and I’m sure our Help Team will be able to help you resolve this strange sudden loss of service. I just wanted to directly answer about any possibility of tower outages or merger changes since it didn’t appear they had addressed that question when I took a look at your ticket.

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