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I work at a remote site where Republic’s GSM carrier only has low data rate service (their Edge service). Rather than just being slow it is practically useless. However, I suspected this going in, so no real complaint there. Sometimes however, it is out of commission altogether for days at a time. I have picked up LTE service on the odd occasion for 10 minutes or so, so I know that it is available, though I don’t know through which carrier. Would it be possible to have the 3.0 phones detect a poor or non-existent data signal and switch to roaming for data (voice usually works pretty well). Alternatively, is Republic working on a multiple carrier system like Google Fi?

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There no roaming data on Republic 3.0 plans



I recommend installing this app, if you want to quickly access carrier information

SignalCheck Lite - Android Apps on Google Play

The 3.0 plans do not include any roaming data. My guess is that the roaming data offered on 2.0 Refund plans

that is chewed up at 18.3X normal data… is more nuisance than it is worth…and that might have played into

not offering any roaming data with the 3.0 plans.

If you have good Sprint coverage in your area then you might want to look at

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

The 3.0 CDMA/GSM in its current form is an either/or option…with the added caveat that

the CDMA phone must be bought through Republic and Republic’s computers auto-select

if you can get the CDMA version of the phone…all other 3.0 activations are on the GSM provider.

Since RW does not have direct access to OS like Google…it seems unlikely that they

will be able to offer the Google Fi style multi-carrier option.


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