Moto G4 : Cannot get google voice mail to pickup.

I want to kill the RW voice mail. **004*1330957xxxx# just tell me that dialed numbers are not allowed.

Then, under dialer, call settings, telling it to use google voice. Still rw/tmobile picking up for some reason.

Set Up Voicemail Forwarding

That doesn’t work. When I put in my 10 digit google voice number, it rejects it!

“Failed to save voicemail forwarding”

Bad sim, do I need to send back?

All permissions are granted. This is a deal breaker, you know.

I do have adoptive storage. I don’t see how that would interfere. Surely RW programmers aren’t unaware of adoptive storage.

Do you have another Republic Wireless phone that is forwarding the same 10 digit google voice number? A forwarding number must be unique. Two Republic Wireless phones can’t forward to the same number.

I have had numbers in the past that forwarded to the google number. No longer alive.

in past. not now.

Probably time to put in a Republic Help request.

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