3 questions: vm, dnd & restart

1 - my phone has often in the past told me that I can’t activate my visual voicemail, but now it’s telling me that I have voice messages and NOT letting me access them? At the same time it displays the icon on the top status bar that I have a voice message, it says, “Can’t activate voicemail & You don’t have any voicemail messages yet.” Help please.

2 - I walked in to teach my class and put my phone on Do Not Disturb. 10 minutes into my class, it started ringing! Then I did the same thing on Sunday as I went into my religious Fellowship & it also rang there??? What’s going on??? I’ve been using this for years and it’s never behaved like this?

Also I have DND set to go on @ 10pm. When I play games now after that, the sound is coming on??? It also never did that before?

3 - I apologize…because i’ve asked this question before, but I live in a really rural area where I get no phone signal; my phone only works on wifi. When I drive out of the area to the spot where I first receive a signal, I have to restart my phone in order to place or receive a call?

Also, when I have a full (or almost full) wifi signal at the house, I often receive a message saying that I can’t place a call…and my phone has hardly rung w/incoming calls or texts in the last 2 wks?

Do I possibly need a new software update?

I truly hope I don’t need to purchase a new phone.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!!! You are all awesome!!! Lisa

Hi @ddirving.681uwh,

I think you may have overwhelmed the Community!

  1. Please see: No voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones

  2. Can you share a screenshot of your Do Not Disturb settings? Do you have any exceptions listed, like ringing if someone calls twice or allowing contacts to call?

  3. I’m not aware of this being expected behavior, but would love to hear from other Community members if they have the same experience. I think @billg has written once about needing to restart the phone under slightly different circumstances. (Samsung phone, GSM SIM card.)

Please try resetting the Republic connection in the Republic app’s Settings screen’s Advanced settings.

You can check to see if the phone’s Android software has any updates pending. We’d need to know what phone you have in order to provide steps. And you can check the Play Store app to make sure all your apps are up to date.

I don’t think replacing the phone is going to make a difference.

I sometimes have to restart my phone when driving between areas with T-Mobile coverage. I think that was when going from band 12 coverage to coverage in a different band. In that post I included a link to T-Mobile acknowledging this problem and recommending a restart.

Hi Southpaw (I’m one too) & other community members–

i have a Motorolo X4

I followed the link at the top of your message & I don’t have “Phone by Google” on my phone. Does that mean that I won’t be able to access my voice mail messages any longer? Do you have an ETA of “when” they might correct this glitch?

I did go into my DND settings & the box was checked to allow calls from my contacts!! I never intentionally checked it!! I’ve been using it for ages & all of a sudden my settings have changed…how is that possible?

What app in the play store will I use to make sure my apps are up to date?

Thank you - I just reset the connections via the RW app…hopefully the handovers will now work again?

Thank again so very much, Lisa

When you want to make a call, you tap a phone icon. That icon has a picture of a blue telephone handset, right? If so, that’s the “Phone” app made by Google.

Every now and then settings may change when an app is updated, or some notification may pop up that you agree to without realizing the full effect.

On your phone there is an icon that looks like :playstore: . When you tap that icon, you are opening the Play Store app. That app manages the installation and updates of all the other apps on your phone, unless you install them from some other source. You will use the Play Store app to see if any of your apps need updates.

It may not be a one & done solution. You may have to do this any time the phone indicates it cannot place a call. It seems sometimes the phones lose contact with our servers on some WiFi networks.

RE: #3 (and BillG), I have had to restart my Moto X4 multiple times over the last 2 months because either CELLULAR TALK won’t work coming out of wifi and/or CELLULAR DATA won’t work when driving…most noticeable when driving from northern Indiana to Wisconsin on interstates.

ddirving.681uwh: “Then I did the same thing on Sunday as I went into my religious Fellowship & it also rang there???”

When I’m in church, I just set my ring volume to 0. My phone still vibrates, but doesn’t disturb others.

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