3 Year Anniversary

So, my husband and I signed up for Republic wireless almost 4 years ago. I was a couple months behind him. When he hit his 3 year anniversary he got $100 off his new phone and 3 months of service for free. I was thinking that I would get the same deal a couple months later when I hit 3 years too but I didn’t. I’m really bummed and have just kept using my same phone waiting for a good deal/sale to buy a new one, but it never comes. Why did my husband get this deal but not me? Feeling frustrated that there was such a blatant difference between our ‘3 year anniversaries’. ughhhhh

R.W has had promos recently. A few months ago, they were offering free SIM card and 3 free months of service. Most recently, its a Free SIM and 1 month free service.

There promos are for new lines of service though.

If a special offer was privatley sent to you from R.W…then I can’t comment on that.

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Hi @krinkle

I do not recall such a promotion, for what that’s worth. Is it possible it was just a coincidence?.

(edit: Could it have been an upgrade promo?)

Hi @krinkle,

Sometimes we’re able to surprise and delight individual members. Initiatives vary, frequently change, and are usually offered to just a few, randomly-chosen lucky members. I’m glad to read that your family was the beneficiary of one such initiative, but am discouraged to see that it resulted in such frustration to you.


In addition to the comment by @southpaw (Republic Staff)… Here is the running tally of offers back to 2011

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I feel kinda bummed. I just signed up for new service in between these 2 promotions. Go figure :frowning:

No need for that @Majorninth

As a customer like you, I cannot say they will honor one or the other, but RW is pretty cool about that sort of thing if you were just a victim of bad-timing.

Open a ticket, it can’t hurt.

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Yea. That the retail world of tech for ya.

I bought my Pixel XL 128gb new in box for a very good price from a person on Swappa.com. 3 weeks later, Google dropped the price…I could have paid the same I did but also gotten Google’s Protection plan if I had bought it from Google.

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Dude you rock!. Opened a ticket and it was taken care of. I still say that on a scale from 1 to 10 RW always goes to 11.

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