30 day refund of the price difference when phone goes on sale after one buys it


I suggest RW refund the difference in the price of a new phone when it goes on sale just after you buy it. Industry standard is 30 days for this elsewhere.

Refunds for phones in general should be 30 days also rather than 14. This is standard elsewhere.


Industry Standard for Cell Phone returns is 14 days (this it either from OEM or carrier sold phones) some third party sellers (like amazon) may offer 30 days returns but those are the exceptions,
the State of California also requires a 30 day phone refund (which republic does meet for their California customers)

as for price difference when a phone goes on sale I have seen Republic support credit those that just purchased before the phone went on sale (not sure if it’s official policy or how long before the sale the purchase must be or how much it is just up to the agent that gets assign the ticket) I would open a ticket if one just ordered a phone before it went on sale as it never hurts to ask, (also some credit card also offer this protect and it can be longer (60 or 19 days) so I would check with them also.


Thank you for the suggestion @chickadee. We did at one time offer a 30-day return policy, but after careful financial evaluation moved to a 14-day return period in 2016, and do not foresee a shift back to the longer return period. We are offering an extended grace period on this policy over the holidays. See:

The terms and conditions for our promotions indicate that the prices are not valid on prior purchases, however, our help team is willing to consider exceptions to that policy on an individual basis.


Thank you Southpaw! I have gotten 2 responses and they both indicate refunds may be given on an individual basis. I requested the $120 difference in credit and it was denied. If others have gotten the difference and some have not, this seems an arbitrary and capriciously applied policy which awards some and denies others. At the very least, it should be consistent!


Hi @chickadee,

I’ve reviewed your request and it appears our agents did handle it appropriately. There was nothing arbitrary or capricious about it.

Both @drm186 and I recommended you ask about a credit, neither of us having details as to your purchase date when we wrote.

Our help article on this matter is available here, to further your understanding.

I’m sorry the answer you received is not to your liking. I do understand that it’s disappointing when an item goes on sale after you’ve purchased it.

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