311 is blocked!

If you’re in a city, county or state that has numbers that make is STUPID SIMPLE to report an issue, you will want to add those numbers to your phone. If you decide to travel outside of your city, county or state, you will need to spend the time and energy to track the numbers down for every place you’ll be visiting because if you need to reach anything other than 911 you will be left hanging. You’ll find yourself incredible embarrassed and stressed that something has happened that does not require an emergency response, but you cannot ask for help.

I wonder if decisions like this on Republic’s part are why we have increasing numbers of non-emergency calls going to 911?

BTW, I find it disappointing to read statements by Republic from YEARS ago saying they would respond to requests as to why 311 is blocked…

The 311 issue has prompted numerous cities to provide their own 311 apps.

Android Apps on Google Play

Let’s be clear, 311 isn’t blocked. The fact is that because Republic centrally routes all calls through its infrastructure, providing “local” services such as 311 is very challenging. By law, they must provide such services for 711 and 911, and so they do. There is no requirement for 311 and they’ve therefore decided not to make and maintain the effort that would be required to handle the wide variety of municipal 311 systems. That’s not the same as blocking which implies they’re actively doing something to keep you from using it.

EDITED TO ADD: Nearly every municipality has a 10 digit number you can dial instead. Austin’s is (add it to your phone with the name 311): ** 512-974-2000**

I guess we have a different definition of block as I receive a dialog box named Republic Wireless with the text “dialed number not allowed”.

The apps are great for reporting a streetlight that is out, pothole, etc. The day the garbage truck driver forgot part of our neighborhood I went to log a ticket on the app and saw neighbors tickets. But if you have a more urgent issue that does not warrant calling 911 they are a non-starter.

Were you able to find their 10-digit number?

Did your previous cell service dial the 311 when out of town?

I say it again. I have yet to find a municipality that doesn’t have a 10-digit alternative. Is it that hard to put it in your contacts so you can call it? We’ll make it simple. Tell us the city and we’ll find it for you. Couldn’t be easier.

Republic’s official response is they are a “VoIP company”, so I will arrange for service with T-Mobile, who is an actual carrier. Republic had such promise… nice app on the phone with useful info, but a cell phone must just work to perform its primary function…to make a phone call.

If I understand you correctly you will willing to pay a lot more for service instead of just using the 10-digit number. Is that correct?

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