3D Printing Face Shields

Fellow Repubs,

If you know someone who has a 3D printer capable of printing these simple, effective, and much needed face shields, please spread the word. The design is open source. They are easy inexpensive to make.

For background here’s the article:

And here’s the link to the design and instructions:


Thanks for this. I’m going to go out tomorrow and get some clear materials tomorrow and we’ll spin up our two 3d Printers to print some brackets.


I wanted to say thanks again for posting this. Just spun up our two printers. We can print 2 at a time on each printer, so 4 at a time with a print speed of about 36 minutes. I’ve even found a local Slack group that coordinates distribution to nurses/doctors in need so I’ll be able to get them in use right in my local community.

If anyone else is doing this, you can find the Slack groups here: https://masksfordocs.slack.com Once there the local groups all start with zlocal-us- and then state abbreviation for example, I’m in Virginia so it is zlocal-us-va

If you post an introduction of yourself in the #introductions channel there someone will reply with the relevant channels you should consider joining.


I don’t mind saying when I saw your response a couple of tears hit my keyboard. Thanks so much for getting the ball rolling.

I’ve been off Facebook for a couple of years but I may light up a page again to see if this can be spread as far as possible. I’m sure our fellow Repub Wireheads can copy and paste at will. Please do, guys.


Because this is one of my favorite community threads ever I wanted to add some more info. There is a great, now national exchange set-up both for those who have or are producing PPE and those that need it. That site is: https://getusppe.org/


I saw some people around my parts were printing masks:


This is off topic but I couldn’t resist. Go Petal People! It really is a tiny world. From the time I was twelve until I was seventeen we lived in Hattiesburg. Dad managed WHSY in Petal. My fondest memories of growing up are those in Forrest County.

@DeanInDunedin Hi there! I wanted to let you know we’ve shared this post on our RW Facebook and Twitter pages to spread the word even more, as this is such an awesome an inspiring use of technology! Here is a link to the Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/republicwireless/posts■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Thank you for posting about this! I for one am super encouraged by this movement of creating these face shields. Now I just wish I had a 3D printer so I could take part :slight_smile:

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