3rd party payment app needs to verify my Republic cell number

What phone do you have? Moto X 2nd gen
What plan are you on? Republic Rebate
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB data

Issue Description

While attempting to register with Zelle online payment service, my regular Republic cell number did not return a verification/confirmation to the Zelle registration server. Searched the forums here and realized the issue might be resolved by registering with Zelle using the “underlying” number for my Republic account. Found my underlying number using ##786# on my phone and tried registering with Zelle using that number, but I did not receive the text sent to that number by Zelle containing a confirmation code so I could not complete the registration.

I’m out of ideas for how to get the Zelle service to work with my Republic phone. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

Some users, when trying to register with Viber could not … by working with Viber support they were able to get Republic Wireless ‘whitelisted’ you might give that a shot. RW is VoIP and will be defined as wireline (aka landline) due to FCC classification … see this Comment in another discussion

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One question would be, are you using Zelle’s app itself or a mobile banking app that incorporates Zelle? Zelle’s app itself has pretty bad ratings at Google Play:

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Thanks, but a whitelist is not likely here. In talking with Zelle level 2 tech support I understand the carrier confirmation requirement is part of their fraud prevention strategy. Unlike Viber, Zelle’s service is designed to transfer money so fraud is a very real concern.

Thanks for the info rolandh, but Zelle is not my choice. I need to receive payments sent via Zelle from a small business I do some freelance work for.

You’re most welcome! All I was trying to determine is whether you were using Zelle’s app or a mobile banking app that incorporates Zelle. For example. my bank (Wells Fargo) incorporates Zelle payments into its own mobile app. Admittedly, I’ve never used the capability.

For what it’s worth fraud is a very real concern for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) operators like Viber as well. I know of several no longer in business because fraud risk wasn’t properly managed. That said, I’m also a former banker, so certainly appreciate the need for secure payments.

The reality is Zelle will either accept that Republic numbers are housed on the VoIP network of Bandwidth.com or they won’t Bandwidth like Republic is a perfectly reputable company. In fact, Bandwidth is the sixth largest issuer of phone numbers in the U.S. Sometimes other vendors see VoIP as inherently insecure (they’re wrong about that) or simply fail to realize VoIP numbers are every bit as capable of receiving and responding to text messages sent for verification purposes.

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Has anyone found a fix to this problem yet. Zelle will not let me use my Republic Wireless number because it does not recognize it as a wireless number.

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Sadly, the only possible fix would be for Zelle to recognize Republic numbers as perfectly capable mobile numbers, which they are. There is nothing Republic can do to make them wireless.

A potential workaround that may or may not work would be to use another number for verification that Zelle will accept. It’s up to them.

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I am also experiencing this issue. Someone has requested payment through ZELLE, i tried the mobile app, then direct through my bank’s app.

After two days of troubleshooting, and hours on the phone with both my bank and Zelle customer service, I may have to exit Republic. i’d prefer not to use the Zelle app, but it’s exposed another RW “flaw.”


I am experiencing this same issue with Zelle verification. Has anyone come up with a solution for this?

As been mentioned and discussed on multiple threads here…just search “number verification” or “2 Factor Authentication” “2FA”.

Many of these apps/services do not allow VoIP, Wireline, or even pre-paid cell numbers to be used in these apps and processes. As they(the business you are trying to use) require identity verification via the phone number, which is not possible. As the aforementioned types of cellular accounts require no such identity verifications (SSI, Credit check, address verifications, etc) to create the account. Anyone, with any info they chose, can sign up for these type cell service providers.

THis post from one of R.W.s Experts also mentions some other points.

If you’re willing to try an experiment, I’d be most interested if the method I came up with here for Viber might work for Zelle: Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number. Obviously, you need to talk to Zelle’s support rather than Viber’s

I apologize if this is old news.
Zelle is a very convenient way for me to instantly pay vendors and contractors directly from bank accounts.
However, some banks, notably Ally, do not allow my Republic phone # to be used to initiate these requests. They say it is because my Moto X Pure is a “voip” protocol.

Is there any way to overcome this? Like, buying a different Republic-supported phone?
Thank you so much!

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Other than changing your electronic payment vendor, not really. I use Google Pay.


Hi @davidc.hdzoi2,

Square’s Cash app works with Republic numbers as well:


In regards to banks, being VOIP also can affect how you get your security verification codes etc.

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thank you mucho, Speedy!

good to know, and thank you! I have switched to Google Pay…


Can someone from RW contact the folks at Zelle? It is not my preferred method to receive funds, but it is one I use. I currently use it with my email address, but I feel that leaves room for error. Most of my communication is text based, so people have that number correctly. This just seems like a really insignificant hurdle. Phone call from one executive to another.

Hi @_david and welcome to the Community!

Please know they have contacted Zelle and others to advocate on behalf of Republic’s customers. To date, Zelle and most others have chosen not to be responsive. At this point, what’s available is for consumers to complain to these services. Perhaps, at some point, after hearing from enough of us, they will modify policies that are entirely of their own choosing.

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