4.0 to 5.0 switch

What the heck I buy a 5.0 phone on my old 4.0 plan they send me new Sim cards with it but they don’t work on a5.0 phone because they’re 4.0 Sim cards. Then why send them. I opened a new account and ordered a 5.0 plan and now I wait for new Sim cards. I asked 3 different chat people if this was right & they said yup!

The SIM cards you received, were they in a black and red sleeve or a gray and green sleeve?

Hi @larrys.k1v0rb,

Republic isn’t currently shipping any 4.0 SIM cards. Did the SIMs already in your possession arrive in a red and black sleeve? If so, they are 5.0 SIMs. You may use those SIMs to activate on 5.0 as described here:

Before considering that option, however, I strongly suggest you pay attention to this from Republic’s status page:

Absent a critical need to move to 5.0 now, I strongly urge you to wait.


Seems like lots of bugs are showing up in the transition to the new plans. I am ready to switch to the AT&T towers but I also would like for it to go smoothly being my phone is linked to my job in a big way.
Definitely going to be patient and tuned in to the process


Hi @larrys.k1v0rb,

I’ve reviewed your interactions with our chat team and I’m sorry for the confusion. The SIM cards that were sent to you are not 4.0 SIM cards. I think what the team was trying to explain but were not particularly clear about, was that the SIM cards were ordered on an account that has legacy phones on it, so they cannot be activated on that account.

You would be able to activate those SIM cards by doing so on your new account. But we’re currently seeing a lot of issues with the process of moving numbers from our legacy service lines to the new lines. If you’re not planning to activate the SIM cards with a new phone number, it would be better to wait until we get these issues resolved.

Again, I apologize that the information you received from our Help Team was not clear. I’ll circle back with them to make sure they do a better job of explaining the situation to our existing members.