4 Common Mobile Phone Scams & How to Avoid Them


Originally published at: https://pwk.republicwireless.com/4-common-mobile-phone-scams-how-to-avoid-them/

Phone scams can be a bit unnerving to think about. When it comes to keeping your personal information protected and avoiding those scammers we all know are out there. Being mindful of these common scams can be easier than you think. We’ve compiled a list of phone scams to be aware of, and how to avoid them. 1. Stolen Phone Of course, you cannot control if your phone gets stolen, but it’s wise to be prepared if the situation were to ever arise. Often times we keep more personal information on our phones than we realize. Because of this, scammers could…


This article and the mobile phone industry as a whole seems to be missing the most obvious thing they could do to pretty much eliminate the most common and overwhelmingly annoying phone scam - screen for and block robo calls!!! I have contacted Republic tech support about this issue and even suggested they message their CEO about the possibility of having Republic truly distinguish its service by blocking robo calls (including calls that spoof numbers). Should be a relatively simple task - bots are dialing out 100s or 1000s of calls over a shot period of time making their calls easy to spot. Sure, you will lose billable call time BUT - think of the free PR you would get by being the first carrier to do this! But I feel like a voice in the wilderness. And I have more important things to do besides enter a robo call into my Mr Number block list. Just writing this because robo calls are by far the most common phone scam.