4-digit password


Do I have to type a 4-digit password to get phone messages? I don’t want to get messages. Thanks for your help.


For security reasons all Republic VM must now have a PIN. In order to set a PIN:

Open the Republic app on your phone.
Tap the gear icon on the upper right.
Tap the Voicemail settings.
Tap to the box for Use voicemail password.
Enter 4-digit password then confirm.

The specific directions, with graphics, are here: How to Setup or Change Your Voicemail Password – Republic Help


We can’t help you with that, VM can’t be disabled.


If you don’t want to get voice mail messages, the usual recommendation is to customize your voice mail message explaining that you do not wish callers to leave you a voice mail message. You can also use that opportunity to explain to callers how you would prefer to be contacted (unless you don’t want to be contacted at all).


Thank you very much. That’s the answer I needed.


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