4 digit pin which I have forgot

sorry to bother you guys i change the 4 digit pin and didn’t write it down. So now guessed to many times and locked out. can you guys help without starting a ticket.

Hi @rickm.6pvxxf,

It’s never a bother, that’s what the Community is for :slight_smile:

Do you mean the pin to get into your phone?
If so:

If it is a pin for something else please let us know. :thinking:

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no its to get in the phone thanks

I’d just like to add that there’s nothing our Help Team can do beyond providing this same Help Article that @SuperT has provided. We cannot unlock screen-locked phones.

thanks southpaw will the reboot hes talking about work without a factory reset cause hope not to lose anything

I think that only works when the phone suddenly glitches and thinks it has a PIN when one has never actually been set. If you’re sure you set a PIN and have simply forgotten it, rebooting will not clear the screen lock.

Please click through to the right factory reset article and read it through before you start that process. If you don’t know the credentials to the Google account that is on the phone, you’ll still be locked out. This is to prevent someone from stealing your phone and being able to use it.

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