4 G community unlimited Sprint cell data instead of ATT dsl

Can someone comment on the use of 4G COMMUNITY unlimited Sprint cellular data to replace ATT DSL for wifi use. Specifically will 4Gs system support sms and mms transmission from Republic wireless phones. Will any other issues be caused by migrating to 4G community as my primary wireless data provider? Thanks for input.

Hi @franks.pqy8ew,

To a Republic phone, as far as connecting is concerned, WiFi is WiFi. WiFi quality does vary and 4G Community may or may not deliver the quality needed to support WiFi calling. SMS and MMS transmission is less likely than calling to be an issue.

For what it’s worth, while I can’t speak to 4G Community’s quality, I’ve experimented with a Karma Go hotspot (which likewise uses Sprint’s 4G data network). WiFi calling has been acceptable when using the Karma Go.

Some additional information on 4G Community and others here:


Hey Roland,sounds like its worth giving it a shot. Thanks for your input. My remaining concern is will I need a cell signal booster. My signal near home is around -108 to -114 dbm,per my cell phones power meter in settings.

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