$4 to ship a Sim card?


$4 to ship a Sim card USPS within the state of NC? Seriously? A whole lot of profit added there, eh Republic? (And $4 was the cheapest shipping!) I already purchased a BYOP phone. Too bad. If I had ordered the Sim card first, I might have gone with another carrier.

RW Had No Cost SIM Card Shipping (Xmas 2017)

That’s probably close to what it costs to ship a SIM. You just use to having the supplier eat the cost of shipping.

Amazon also sells this SIM. So if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, two day shipping is including in your Prime subscription. Amazon also offers a free 30 day trial of Prime. You can start the trial for a week, cancel, and Amazon still gives you the full 30 days.


Just so you know to add to what @marshallh said, we do not ship from NC. We use a national distributor to ship our our SIM kits.


Amazon wants more to ship unless a Prime member.

Shipping & handling: