4g connectivity problem and Ring alarm system

Hello all. I have a Moto G6. Is it asking too much to get 4g cell data. I am trying to get my Ring security system to work, but it takes forever to load the site so I can interact with the system. Should I just break down and get a REAL phone?

I’m afraid I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. The Moto G6 is a “real phone” so your Ring security system not loading, or is loading slowly, that’s unlikely to be a phone issue. Are you having this problem on wifi, cellular or both? Have you tried it from someone else’s phone to see how it works?

I have no problem on wifi. A friend who gets a 4g signal from his cell, can access the ring app no problem. My problem is that I only get a 3g signal, and that doesn’t quite cut it. I need to get a 4g signal.

On your phone, please open the Republic App, hit the gear and then about and tell me what it says there for “SIM Type”. Then can you also please share your ZIP Code?

I am not high tech about these things, and my frustration is probably on display. My plan says I have 1 gig of 4g service.and the maps and all inquiries suggest I should have 4g, but I get 3g. This seems to be so slow the app(Ring) just keeps circling and won’t load…

I understand, on your phone, please open the Republic App, hit the gear and then about and tell me what it says there for “SIM Type”. Then can you also please share your ZIP Code?

the sim card is CDMA (ISIM)…zip code 46391. Sorry it is taking so long for me to respond. I am not being notified that you have messged me.(even though I tried to set notifications up). Thanks for your help…R

Coverage should be good, so it’s likely not a coverage issue. It could be a crappy network issue. In my area Sprint LTE speeds are nearly useless. So, it may be worth considering a switch to the GSM partner who generally has a higher performing network. If you’re interested in giving that a try, reply here and I’ll send you a private message with more information.

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I dont know what you mean by my switching partners, but I am all in with getting something that will work better than this…

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Sending you a private message now.

Is that an email? a text? I cant find a message

If you’re on the website, you should see a yellow “R” towards the top right, if you click that, you should see an envelope. If you click that, you’ll get to your private messages.

Hi @richardi.yxikv4,

If you do try the other SIM card as @louisdi is suggesting, please keep the original SIM card handy. You can switch back to it within 20 days if you find that this new SIM card is something other than an improvement.

The map in your area looks like there’s the chance this experiment could go either way.

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@richardi.yxikv4 Did the steps we took to reset your network connection, so that you’re now getting LTE, resolve the issue?

I get lte at my location, but still 3 G in some places I frequent. I have been a little timid with respect to changing to the new SIM card because I don’t want to get it worse. I will probably man up and try it in the next day or so. Keep tuned. Thanks

Trying the other SIM won’t change anything permanently. You can try the new service and should you find it isn’t as good simply put the old SIM back in within 20 days and go back to the coverage you have now.

Any news on your attempt?

I have been really unusually busy, and have not attempted any changes with the phone. I appreciate your interest, and I will keep you advised when I have time to stir up some hornets…Rich

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