4G phones vs 5G phones

I’m replacing my obsolete phone and changing to the new plan at the same time. I may also get rid of the landline and DSL and just use cell phone data. Is this advisable? Just wondering if it’s worth the extra money to buy a 5G phone like Stylus or Samsung Galaxy instead of the Moto G Power (which is 4G)? Is it just referring to speed, and it appears that 4G is mostly only available in my area anyway. What’s the general opinions of the community? I am “old school” and all of this is so new, so I appreciate any advise and things to look for, regarding new phones and losing the landline & DSL internet. Thanks.

You may find this that I wrote helpful: Understanding Emerging 5G Technologies

We’d need to know more about your internet usage habits before advising anyone to ditch DSL and rely on cellular data. If you’re a very light internet user, you make be able to make this work, but if you stream video or music, spend a lot of time in video calls like Zoom meetings, or otherwise consume a lot of data, I don’t think this would be a great way to try to save money.